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  1. 707130B0-798B-4804-A39C-E6BDF37E69B3.jpeg C6D38037-6A80-451B-B9F0-6CF5544C41B9.jpeg 6F13D531-3AFC-4170-A9D2-DECCCF08B0DB.jpeg 66F89A9B-D5AB-4CDA-89DE-AF7830EE2392.jpeg B63C7D4B-7E2F-4C0F-AEE6-CC7937E07939.jpeg 385C21BB-BDDC-401E-ADF2-0FD5B0DFBB21.jpeg Hello friends,

    I’m noticing some brownish / pale rash like symptoms on a couple of leaves and was hoping someone might be able to diagnose the problem!?

    These are northern lights, growing under CFL, using fox farms nutes. Just switched to 12/12 after some light defoliation.
    Other than this the plants seem to be in great health.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. worst scenario is septoria. i think thats what its called. look it up on the google and see if the symptoms seem right. it thats the case, you'll have to cut off all infected leaves and buy a fungicide. it comes from bacteria and can kill an entire crop. do you get the whole plant wet when you water? could possibly be bugs too. inspect under leaves and all over really good. look for webbing. use a magnifying glass if you have one.

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