HELP damn mold im about to give up or should I

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  1. heres some more pics alittle of everything some seem done some pretty close the nicest buds still have 90%white hairs .but this stem (gray)mold wont stop .im clipping it off every day .its hard to see in the pics cuz im on top of it .but every day i see leaves starting to die and sure enough ill find some mold doing its thing eating it inside out and this shit is fast. ill check it in the evening and the next day there will be like 7-8 mold outbreaks so should i harvest or should i keep up the fight

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  2. cut it and make hash

    i wouldnt smoke the moldy weed
  3. more pics

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  4. a couple more

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  5. check for insects in or around the buds also, last year this happend to me but about a week or two before harvest. It was little worms living inside of the buds that was causing mine to rot , thankfully it started to get cold and it wasnt far from harvesting.
  6. im pretty sure its not bugs this happens every year since i started planting better weed and i havnt heard of anything that works to stop it but the fans help. i think? i see a wilted leaf then i inspect ,and find mold and drying stem so then i pick it off and grab some dry dirt and sprinke it where i just picked it seems to stop it from spreading but then ill find it in five other pisses me off its always when they are almost done
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    If it's not insects then it's only one (or both) of 2 other things:

    1) genetics (unlikely since you say you're buying good seed stock).

    Some strains are more resistant to mold and disease in general - particularly so-called outdoor strains (when breeding there are always trade-offs; e.g. indoor breeders may sacarifice some mold resistance for potency/yeild, while outdoor breeders might not).

    2) the buds being too moist all the time.

    Has it been raining a lot? When you water do you wet down the entire plant (stop that). Basically, the flowers need to dry off to stop the spread (yes, the fans will help).

    FYI, I don't think that's mold, but bud rot. It's always harder to tell from pics but it looks all brown and spoiled vs covered with white spiderwey-looking things right? Not quite the same thing, but the result is similar (ruined crop), Hash or oil can be made from it so it's not a complete waste. I had this ruin 1/8th of m6y crop (the rest had to be harvested early so it wouldn't be ruined as well - this decreased yield considerably) due to a particularly rainy September (the rainiest I can recall).
  8. when mine happend man it looked like both, white spiderweb thing on the outside and the inside was brown, with a disgusting smell, every bud that had the spider web stuff, also was brown, not one or the other, but every bud i broke open that had that stuff on the outside had at least an inch worm living in it, not on it , IN IT check it out.

    and Because of this i spray the area with the insect killer, not the plants directly which might seem stupid not to spray but i figured if i give the area a nice spray the bugs will stay away at least better than nothing

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