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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lark420, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Me and my friend have been smoking out of a shitty pipe for the last month or so. We decided to pitch for a vape. We like the xmax v2 pro but we wanted to look around a little more. We're looking for something that will smoke all 3 waxes oils and herbs, hits well, won't combust and is around 120$ or below. What do guys reccomend?
  2. It's almost 4/20. Look for sales on the Haze Dual V3. You might get the price down to your liking. It does what you are looking for. Plus dual ovens, (bowls,) and cans, (for on the go). This is a conduction vape, that acts like a convection vape with the convection screens.
    I have heard from some that it draws hard. I've had this jewel for over seven months, and if you keep it clean it draws just fine.
    Don't cram the thing full to overflowing. Every vape needs room for vapor to build up in. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Doc
  3. A discount vape for all three materials is tough to come by, luckily as Dylanowrider said its nearly 4/20 so there are a lot of huge sales going at the moment.

    If you can find the Haze V3 in your price range that is a great option, another would be the PAX vaporizer(normally $200) but it's only compatible with herbs, no waxes. The Da Vinci Vaporizer can do herbs and essential oils with a ~$130 price tag, which is a solid option.
  4. do the convection screens come free or do you have to buy them separate?

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