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  1. hey guys, I'm new to this forum and a light cannabis user, I only use it on weekends
    but I've only smoked from papers, and since I'm going to the united states next week I wanna get me a nice, stealth tool.

    One thing I worry about is my parents, I like to do it at home but I rarely do it, so I need something to use after they go to bed that doesnt smell too much and is easy to hide.
    I did some research and I was thinking about a bubbler or maybe this alu vaporgenie I saw in the internet, it seems easy to hide.
    What about the smells, do you guys know which one smells the less ? does the bubbler make too much noise when smoking from it ?
    I have no experience, which tool would guys recommend me ? and do you know any good headshop in orlando or new york ? I'll sneak out from my parents in one of these cities to search for headshops, I also need something easy to bring in the airplane

    Sorry for the long writting and my english :smoking:
  2. Just get yourself a nice glass spoon or a small bubbler.
  3. bubblers are pretty quiet, so unless your parents were in the room with you they wouldn't hear you.
  4. id go with the bubbler, theyre nice and small. i dont have any experience with the vaporgenie, but i think it might smell more than a bubbler. but smell can be covered up with an open window, fan, and some febreeze
  5. I dunno your price range, but the Magic Flight Launch Box sounds perfect for you. There's not a huge smell, it's small, easily hidden, and uses a small amount of herb. If not, then I guess a spoon or bubbler would be fine with an open window or fan.
  6. hey thanks for the suggestions
    So the magic flight would be better than the vaporgenie ?

    my price range is from 0 to about 50 or 60 american dollars

    and I'm a little confused, a spoon is just like a pipe ?
  7. just get a spoon or a chillum. (spoon is a regular pipe, chillum is a straight pipe). don't get a wet-piece. and you're not going to be able to afford a vaporizor worth anything for 60 bucks...and a word of advice: DON'T TAKE YOUR ILLEGAL SHIT THROUGH AIRPORTS
  8. why not get a wet piece ? isnt it better for hidding the smell ?
    by illegal shit you mean grass or tools ? Will I have trouble taking a vap/pipe/bubbler home?
  9. If you smoke pot in it it's illegal. Dont use your pieces if you want to keep them because customs may find them.

    and a wet piece smells more when you store them.
  10. ok I'm afraid of breaking it in the airplane if it's made of glass
    I was thinking about buying a stone or wooden piece then, maybe metal
    which one smells the less ? stone right ?
  11. look, if you're looking to fly back with a pipe, you can't smoke out of it until you already fly back. the pipe will be legal until the second you pack a bowl. just buy a nice pipe while you're there, keep it clean until you get home. while you're at the headshop buying that bowl, buy a shit piece that you don't care about throwing away and use that while you're on your trip. when you're ready to come home, throw your cheap pipe away and fly home with your non-used nice pipe, ready to be packed when you get off of the plane
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    Whoa. You can NOT take dirty paraphenalia on a flight. Most vaporizers can not be cleaned spotless.

    Just get a nice glass spoon pipe, and a can of ozium. There's a headshop in new york city that has an amazing glass selection, they also sell Ozium.
    Ozium actually eliminates odors, it doesn't just cover them up like air freshener. That or a window fan in your room will take care of the smoke all on it's own.

    You must only travel with COMPLETLY BRAND NEW CLEAN glass. The best way to clean glass smoking pipes so that they are completly spotless of any residue is to use isopropyl alcohol and salt. You can find this "ISO + salt" method in the Official piece cleaning sticky. Feel free to pm me with any questions.

    Edit: ONLY USE GLASS, you may not be able to clean other materials. Do not worry about glass breaking. Put it in your checked luggage, wrap it up in lots of bubbe wrap and tape it tightly. Put it in a soft bag and wrap it in some clean clothes. Remember you must keep your glass clean while your flying.

    Listen, when you buy a pipe in a store[headshop] it is legal because you know it can only LEGALLY be used with legal substances. If microscopic residue from an illegal substance just touches it, it becomes a piece of ILLEGAL paraphenalia. CLEAN glass that has not been used is legal, so you must make sure your glass is completly clean when you travel and you will be perfectly, and legally, fine.
  13. hey guys thanks for all the help!
    I dont need to worry about messing it because i'll be with my parents most of the time so I won't be able to smoke :(
  14. how is a bong, bubbler, spoon, chillum, etc illegal?

    how do you know people arent smoking tabacco thru them?
  15. Re-read NYCs post above for explanation. In a nutshell, brand new glass that's never been used is perfectly legal.

    The instant you use it with any illegal substance (key word here), it becomes "paraphernalia" and you can get in trouble, especially flying the Federal skies.

    And if you're thinking about picking up some sort of legal herbs while you're buying the glass, don't. Far too many laws are changing constantly about the legal herbs, and you could end up flying into a state that has banned it.

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