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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dasgoth, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Evening all my Grasscitians,

    I would like your opinion on what to Pop next. I currently have all those beans... but have not entirely decided on which to start first.

    I have a few other strains on the way as well... some Sannie's, Head's, and Subcool's gear, but will not include those in the poll since I do not currently posses them :( YOUR OPINION COUNTS!
  2. Somango is currently in the lead.... no more opinions???
  3. Purple Cindy. it looks reaaaally nice
  4. I agree with ya.... especially after I came across Earl's grow. So many choices.... so little time. I want to start only one strain at a time so it doesn't get too crazy in my space limits. :p
  5. I voted Blue Cheese, but I also like Purple Cindy and White Russian.
  6. Afternoon all my Grasscitians,

    I am quite surprised Blue cheese took the lead over Somango :) ~2 WEEKS LEFT before I start which ever is in the lead. Get anyone and everyone to submit there choice.
  7. Another + for BC, supposedly super potent. I'm sure you'll have fun with any of those :D
  8. Hm... Well its getting close to poppin. So far Blue Cheese is the leader, but I think I"ll pop the Res Double Strawberry Diesel as well ;D O I can't wait :)
  9. I had planned moving the rest of my stuff this past weekend, but it didn't work out SOOOOOOOOoooo I'll have to wait until next week before I get the rest of my stuff here :( Fear naught my Grasscitians, for I will prevail! And of course pop the seeds by next weekend. Caio
  10. I will start a log for the BC & DSD in a few days... they are going on there 2nd set of leaves ;)
  11. Maybe... we'll see :)
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    Now that i have a bit of breathing room, I will start posting up what has happened so far :) Log will go up by end of week.

    I'll post a link to the log when I get everything in order...

    Heck, I might as well start the White Russian and a few others to make up for the long wait. Poppin some more seeds by end of the week :p

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