help! cant get past germination......

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  1. ok so i germinated my first set on a shelf in my closet, i got some better seeds so pulled all but 2 from the first set, and started a 2nd set with 2 older sprouts.

    i made a rubber made box with 1 lamp. the older sprouts streached after having large leaves so i pulled it, reason was the cfl was 8 inches away. the 2nd one of the first set didnt streach as it was a day behind. and it survived. only the rubber made container may have been to hot.

    i changed the layout and added 2 y and 4 bulbs with a fan. temps were 90.

    the 2nd set, younger of sprouts seem to be stunted and not growing any larger, the last of the first set looks horrible...

    i have since revised the rubber made container to only have 2 bulbs but i think damage has been done

    the oldest leaves are drooping way low. i have since removed it from the rubermade

    i also think i may have waterd it to much at one point.. why is this such a headache?!

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  2. any one? should i just pull everything and start over? or is there hope past heat and water damage?

    (how come no one replies to any of my threads)
  3. here I am! haha.

    the temp prob def has to be improved. 90's will cause heat stress and often have the plant drooping even when the soil is moist. Many times when seedlings droop, it is assumed they need more water and this causes them to be overwatered causing root rot. They should be watered when the soil is fairly dry. When watered, the soil should be well saturated. Seedlings have small roots systems there for the soil will stay moist longer.

    Try and get the temp to 85 and be careful with watering too much or too little. GL buddy :)
  4. so in the last few hours the oldest sprout with heat stress decided to take a turn for the worst. its even more yellow and is kinda falling over.....

    i have 8 seeds soaking in jumpstart solution as we speek

    i bought myself a case of water .5l bottles and put .2ml of jumpstart in one bottle and superthrive .5ml in the other bottle (says 1/4 tp per gallon)


    i consider the oldest sprout to be done for. i also concider the young sprouts i have now, to be in questionable condition as they have not grown in 2 days.

    i am goining to start a journal here in a bit..... oh joy
  5. I suggest not using peat pots, I had zero success with them. They sucked the water right out of the soil and basically killed the shit out of my seedlings, without prejudice. Just my opinion tho, goodluck!
  6. this kid agrees peat pots are no good. Im glad you got em in cups now. Hope they continue to improve as you told me they have been. :)
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    i use party/ beer cups for germination...they hold water for longer and are deep for good root growth in seedlings....get the heat issues figured out. I find Promix HP is great for starting seeds(no nutrients).and you dont need to ph your water and or nutrients.....i shit you not...

    sometimes less is more, i soak seeds in water only and i feed them water ONLY til the first round set of leaves fall off. then nutes at 1/4 strength.....1/2, etc.

    i foliar spray my jumpstart and mist my seedlings once or twice a day...

  8. :) thank you for this info, yesterday i picked up foam party cups (easier for poking holes)
    i tested the ph of my tap water and its just perfect. but i bought a case of bottled water to rule out any verient with the tap water as ours tasts funny to me.
    the heat issue is fixed since i junked the Y adapters, just using 2 6500 23w on the lil guys. i gave the larger sprout some extra attention with his own shelf and own cfl

    i transplanted that lil guy into a cup, the largest lower leaves dried out and turned yellow, but the upper leaf set lookes completely normal and not longer is drooping down. i used 2ml of super thrive water on it after i transplanted just a tiny bit.

    as for the sprouts. only 2 are still alive. the others fell over with root rot.

    but its ok cuz i have germinating seeds i think are ready for planting today! and this time i'm doing it 100% right.
  9. good to hear...

    just be sure to keep those cfls close to your ladies...
  10. It looks like there might me too much nitrogen. What type of perlite are you using? Some perlite come with nutes in them. This is a no no for seedlings.
  11. perlite wit nutrients? That dnt make sense. Perlites sole purpose is drainage. Its a volcanic rock that is formed from gas bubbles puffing the rock out so its airy and soft. Idk why anyone would add nutrients to perlite. Can you give me a link to this? Im curious

  12. that is a posibility. the soil i am using is .1-.7-.5

    BUT, i know for a fact that my first sprouts did great till i "got fancy" with a grow box and baked the poor things and stretched them

    right now i have 6 styrofoam cups in a tray with plastic wrap over them. i have a desk lamp(posable) with a y and 2 23w 6500k hovering horizantaly over the seedlings, just like my first try that i had success (untill i killed them by changing everything)

    so. i will not water, i will not worry. i will not poke or touch. i will leave them. they have enough residual moisture in the soil now that i am using these cups and the peat moss pots arnt wicking away water.

    i did use jumpstart to germinate the seeds. and when i wet the soil(prior to planting seeds) i used .2ml(2 drops) super thrive to .5L water(bottled)

    i will not be adding any more nutes untill they ask for them. when that happens i have hesi starter kit for soil.

    whats everyone think :)

    btw. myles. i orderd panda plasitc 10x25ft for 30$

  13. Did I say add nutrients to perlite? I said perlite with nutrients in it already. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. It comes with plant food in them.

    Any more questions?


  14. well theres your problem. the brand is MG, of cource it'll have to much of somethingg in it =X

    well heres the new pictures of the new setup, less is more , and i figured that out!

    oh also, my panda plastic should be in on friday. no more alien glow from my closet or closing the door making the temp rise at night

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  15. leave it to Miracle Grow to sell perlite with nutrients mixed in. Wasnt saying the user would add nutrients in it, just that the company does before selling it. They add nutrients to just about all of their products. I don't touch miracle grow soils or soil builders. Thanks for showing me the product though man. :) I wasn't trying to question you, just was curious bout it. :eek:

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