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Help! can i use this shitfuck old weed to make edibals

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nota Vicus, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. i have tried smoking it once and i felt pretty weird and not really high , more just feeling the bad side effects of weed like being hungry n stuff . to me i think its rotten bud but i cant notice any mold or anything and its about half an ouncen which is alot here where the price is Incredibly high 20991289_1414250325311449_2115365384_o.jpg
  2. Honestly it looks like it got wet and molded or bud rot. Bobby brown man. I would t even cook with it, if you can get more toss that.
  3. i found it on the footpath in a tobacco tin , if i were to make cannabutter would it be safe and would it get me high atleast?
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    I defiantly wouldn't make or smoke any of it, a Tobacco tin may not be airtight and could build up moisture, which is probably why it's so brown. You also don't know what the previous owner could have done to it. I think it would get you sick rather than high. Also making it into Canna butter doesn't make it safe.
  5. If you didn't like how it smoked, then you probably won't like edibles made with it either, but it's definitely worth an easy try.

    If it were fresh herb, then it should be decarbed @ 240 F for 40 min to activate the thc, but old weed will be partially decarbed anyway, and we won't know exactly what to do. If it's 3 months old, then regular decarb is ok, but if it's 5 years old, nearly zero decarb is needed. Maybe a 50% decarb is a good compromise.

    After decarb, the herb is as potent as it will ever be, and you can just grind it to powder, and eat with anything oily. Infusion into anything is completely unnecessary. You can mix with nut butter or nutella, put into the oil of any recipe, add oil and put into capsules, etc. This could be done with a gram or two to see whether the results justify the effort. Or maybe you can get a better handle on decarb by decarbing small batches different amounts of time. But there will be some herb taste.
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