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Help Cali Toker Eat

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. im not that good when it comes to cookin or makin my own food, but its cheaper than buyin fast food all the time. So whats some good food i can easily make with one or two items from the grocery store...thanks
  2. please ? im starvin
  3. Chicken n' rice.


    Chicken (thighs)
    Rice (whatever kind you like, not instant tho)
    Water(the clear stuff you put in your bong)

    Heat oven to 400* and put 2 cups of water, 1 cup rice in a 9" sqaure casserole pan or baking pan, make sure rice is spread out evenly. Put chicken on top, toss in oven for 1 hour. Quick to prep, easy to make, hard part id waiting a hour if u got the munchies.

    Season it however you want, i use soy sauce on top of the chicken before i cook it and a very little bit od sugar and some "italian seasoning" which is a mix of basil, sage, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.

    You can use honey and garlic, top it with spaghetti sauce, or just plain.

    I like to stuff the inside of the chicken with ground up bud when i got enough, i put enough for a normal sized joint in each piece and i get to eat weed for dinner, hell yeah!

    After i typed a lthis tho yer prolly gonna say somethin' like "i'm allergic to chicken" haha!

  4. You've prolly already eaten, but you gotta learn how to do stir fry. Get some beef or chicken and cook that and some rice. Fire up the stove and throw some rice in a pan with your meat. Mix in some veggies, like corn, peas, carrots, peppers, etc. Throw some teryaki or soy sauce on there or whatever you want for seasoning and let it mix together and cook. Oh yeah, throw some oil in the bottom of the pan first so it all slides around and doesn't stick. After it cooks for a minute or two, put it in a bowl or a plate that has edges that curl up a litte like a real shallow bowl and chow down. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not.
    1) Cook the meat and rice
    2) Put oil, meat, rice, veggies and sauce or seasoning in pan.
    3) Let it mix and cook for a couple minutes
    4) Enjoy
  5. Stir fry is easy, so is Fajitas.

    Get some fajita seasoning, some chicken breasts and some peppers, onions, tomato, salsa and tortillas and just follow the directions on the fajita mix package
  6. Oh, hell ya. Tortilla's are awesome, too. And easy.
  7. ya want easy? Get a package of that "one skillet" frozen crap that you toss in a pan and heat up and eat, i think ya gotta add water is the only thing if ya get the ones that include the meat.

    But what's easier than pasta? 5lbs for like $3, and sauce is usually like 2 for $4, i can eat all week for like $7 if i don't mind eating pasta everyday.

    toss spaghetti in boiling water for 15 mins or so, put it in a bowl, dump some sauce on it and eat, it don't get any simpler than that
  8. when i was really broke sometimes i'd just get one of those industrial sized cans of beans, some tortillas, and a package of cheese and with all the stolen sauce packets from taco bell i'd hook it up with a whole gang of bean burritos just like tha 'bell does 'em.
  9. coo thanks guys...i ended up gettin some hot dogs and buns and a case of sunny d.........mmmmmm nothin like a couple bbq'ed hot dogs some sunny d and a nice blunt on a hot summer day.
  10. Ramen noodles and lunchmeat sandwhiches! At least.. that's what I'm gonna live on for a year or two when I move out.
  11. When i was in college dorms i had no microwave, no hotplate, no nothing, so i used to make ramen with a plastic bowl with a lid that i poked little holes in and a big hole in one side, i'd put it in the sink with the little holes lower than the big sink, and run hot water into the big hole till the ramen was cooked, add seasoning, and mac down.

    Damn, this thread is making me hungry, i'm gonna have to go the supermarket tonight and get me some stuff fo dinner soon.
  12. i got a huge case of top ramen, like 300 packs for like 10 bucks or somethin. im soooooo sick of that crap though.
  13. Top ramen is good, but after the first case it begins to get pretty shizzly
  14. hey i got a you guys like smokin before you eat or after you eat ? Personally i like to eat a real big meal and then smoke.
  15. I usually make some dinner, hit the bong a few times then just mack down, then when i'm done a few more bong rips.

    But then again i smoke weed all day anyways so it's just that somewhere in between bowls i eat.
  16. Beanee weanies, Pot pies, ramen noodles, tv dinners. There are just to many to list..

    You'll never go hungry as long as you have a store near by!
  17. Get a bunch of wood
    some hotdogs
    and a stick

    step 1 - light the wood on fire
    step 2 - put stick+hotdog over fire
    step 3 - put food into mouth, commence chewing motion, swollow

    easy eh? :)
    fun too

  18. Is Beanee weanies anything like Beans & Franks? Well at any rate thats what it made me think thats my suggestion. Beans & Franks are ghetto fabulous but can save you from dieing if your starving!

  19. One in the same just different names!
  20. Beanie weenies are to easy, you don't even need a can opener

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