Help buying my girlfriend a birthday gift - Lingerie sizes?

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  1. So i'm just getting my girl some stuff, thought i'd throw in some lingerie along with a jacket and some comfy looking plaid sweats. She's not super skinny but I wouldn't call her fat either, if you know what I mean (pardon the language :p). Would I be fine getting her small size lingerie or should I be going for medium? I just don't want it to be too loose or too tight, so some help from girls who wear lingerie would be appreciated :D
  2. I'm not very good at this kind of thing, but you should include her height and weight so someone can help you more easily.

    Also, if there's a girl at the store that looks about your girlfriend's size, there's no shame in asking her for size opinions.
  3. ^^^well said^^^

    If you didnt know this already, the employees at Victorias Secret are trained and encouraged to create the type of environment a guy can walk in to, and if he pleases, ask each and every sales girl that works there to try on different pieces of lingerie if thats what it know, for him to be able to imagine his girlfriend actually wearing the piece. its a very good secret for guys to know.
    right girls?

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  4. So that's victorias secret. Sounds like fun "ok miss, now try on these panties...k Bend over gotta make sure she'll like how the ass looks"i kid, i kid. But still that's cool. Just get a gift receipt OP in doesn't fit
  5. I'm a girl you need to find out her specific bra size or it will be useless

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