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  1. So, I'm brand new to this site -- but a long time friend of Mary Jane. I have a bit of a dilemma/story/discussion pertaining to the border, also a warning for many! Before I go on, I should explain that I live in Canada, and USED to travel to the US once a week. I also should mention that I have booked a plane ticket from Seattle to Germany, my flight leaves in four days (the source of my woes).

    Border trip #1:

    So, as mentioned I live in Canada - Vancouver, BC, and about 3 months ago, I met up with a friend and smoked a nice joint of our BC bud in my car, as per usual. About 8 hours later, I decided that I'd pop across the border to Blaine, Washington to fill up the tank, grab some cheap groceries and some smokes just as a do about once a week. As a routine, I wipe down my dash, vacuum out my car, grab my passport and head south!

    This trip turned out to be very different for me. When I arrived at the border, the border agent stuck his head into my car and asked "when was the last time you smoked marijuana?". STUNNED, I said that it had been a couple of days (so that I wouldn't get screwed for lying completely, and get arrested or something). That was my first mistake I believe. To cut the story a bit short, they questioned me for an hour after they brought me inside while they tore apart my car looking for a stash of some sort. I was confident that I had nothing to hide and I'd get off scott-free. It turns out that there was a few tiny crumbs in my carpet running that my vacuum missed (NO roach, mind you), as well as "THC residue on my windshield". This trip they proceeded to tell me that they could have banned me from the states, charged me with felony possession, and ensure that I never enter the states for the rest of my life. They then proceeded to give me a big long talk about how weed will ruin my life, blah blah blah. They let me go, called me and idiot, and I went into the United States in the end to do my shopping.

    Trip #2:
    About a month later, after refraining from smoking cronic in my car again, and after scrubbing my car down like mad, I decided to continue on my regular routine and head across the border again. This time, the border guard swiped my passport and said "Oh! Looks like you got into some trouble here last time. We going to need you to go inside." Not surprised, I went to speak with the customs officials in the office, and was asked a number of questions pertaining to my last event. I assured the officer that it was a wake-up call for me, and that I stopped smoking weed all together (false, but reasonable). After searching my car again, and asking a few questions, he handed me my keys and I went on my merry way. I was pleased. Until the nightmare of a trip I had the NEXT time!

    Trip #3:
    About a month later, which was just about a week ago, I went across to gas up again (gas is about half the price in the USA, appreciate it guys :)). This time was a whole different story. I was instructed to go inside, and questioned thoroughly, as I expected. This time though, the officer told me that he "couldn't figure out why I'm not banned." And that I am "not allowed to enter the states because I admitted to using marijuana." He then went on to rip apart my car, interrogate me for an hour, calling me a moron, etc etc etc. I then asked him politely why I've been allowed in those two previous times if that was the case, to which he replied "it's BEYOND ME!"

    Worried about my $2000 trip to Europe through Seattle that I booked months before, I asked him about my circumstances traveling to the US in the future. He informed me that the border guards would not let me through for that, "because of my admission of recreational marijuana use." Now, I have a plane to catch in just a couple of days, with my parents meeting me at the airport, and tickets that are non-transferable, non-refundable, and this asshole of a border guard deciding that I'm not allowed in.

    For those of you who have continued to read this novel, thank you -- can you give me some peace of mind? Was border guard #3 just being a douche bag, or can he just all of a sudden decide I'm not allowed in? Have you heard of this before? Did I just blow a years worth of savings for my post-college trip of a lifetime? If you think I WILL get across, when I'm arriving in Washington, DC on my way BACK from my trip, am I going to get destroyed by the TSA and anal-probed for drugs? Is it easier to come in with air travel, or does my passport hold this terrible stain for all USA travel? I am FREAKING out, because my trip is supposed to be in a few days, and I am worried sick that I won't be able to go. This is ruining me. What do you think?

    Thank you very much.
  2. I wish I could give some good advice but I cant. I doubt that 1 single guy can just 'ban' you from coming into the states though. Id call the head of his department and have a chat...explain your situation and see whats up. Make it clear you never got caught with any herb and were never trying to bring anything into the states. Also explain how you got through several other times and then just recently had this trouble. Explain how your going on vacation and are just trying to figure things out and follow protocol.
  3. yea i think hes fuckin with you. probably just tryin to flex like a douchey cop would. i would consult a legal expert though.
  4. All is well. Spain was nice... no problems. Thanks!

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