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    This is a post that I put up a couple days ago.

    watering too much?
    I have 6 (now 5) white russian plants planted in 3" temporary containers. They are about a week and a half old and I just got off of work today and looked at them and one was completely limp and starting to shrivel and the other 5 are bending backwards almost like they're wilting with slighty yellowing of the leaves.

    They are about 5" tall and I've been watering them heavily once a day for the last 4 days. I'm using foxfarm oceanforest soil, I have a 400 watt hps that I just switched to 12/12 2 days ago sitting ~26" above the top leaves. The reflector is not air cooled but it does have glass and theres plenty of air flowing between the light and plants, with a 640cfm fan pulling old air out of the room. I don't have a camera to take any pictures but if anyone might be able to diagnose the problem by anything I've said I will greatly appreciate it. Any questions, please ask.

    Everyone wrote back saying that yes it probably was over watering. So I skipped one full day of watering (about 36 hours since last watering) and I thought a couple plants were starting to perk back up, but I wake up this morning and another plants dead, and one mores not too far behind. This all started happening after I switched the plants to 12/12, so I'm afraid it might be because I put them into flowing too early. So I'm gonna switch them back to veg with 24/0 light for now. But I'm not sure if this will do anything, so if anyones dealt with anything like this before pppplllleeeeaaaassseee help. I don't wanna lose 110 dollars worth of seeds a little less than 2 weeks in and I'll hate having to wait 6 weeks for more in the mail. Thanks in advance.
  2. One good rule to soil... if it ain't dry, don't apply!! And switching your lighting schedule back And fourth is going to do you more damage than good. Reading your post i will assume you are feeding your babies ( what the label says ) always until you get use to a strain and the nutes you use being safe... us a quarter of what it says! And fox farm soil is prety loaded out of the bag so for young growth I would just used good filtered and PH ed water until.second week of flower.
  3. I've used plain filtered water from the beginning and wasn't planning on using any nutes for at least 3 weeks. I'm just at a loss because everything I've done from the very begging has been the same other than the fact that I changed my lighting cycle. The only other thing I'm able to think of is maybe I waited too long to water them this time after over watering before. The pots that they are in are very small and were really really dry this morning and the last time they were watered was I believe friday early morning, but idk. I'm really questioning my idea to switch over to soil... lol
  4. yeah sounds like there was too much water at first... may have drown the roots? no good. are any still alive? and yeah like the legalize said. let the soil dry out quite a but before watering. and dont give them too much. like I give them enoulf to soak 3/4 soil in the pot. and try to leave a corner where the water did not soak through that way air can get back in easy. now that my baby is big I wait untill she starts to droop her water leaves then water her. once evey two days... Or three.. depends... I think I am geting luckey. I seem to know what she likes. I thnk... I dunno... L8er! I hope they dont all die!
  5. Thanks for the info thc4life. I've been slowly adding water to the pots untill it starts to drain out the bottom and then letting all the excess water drain free. I'm definitly gonna do some reading up on watering information on google for a few hours after I get off of here.

    But, 3 of the plants still look really good with just a little bit of drooping, one is so so, and the one that I thought was dead this morning may recover. I cut all of the shriveled bigger leaves off the bottom and the smaller top leaves left are starting to perk up a little. So I should be alright if I can just figure out what the hell I'm doing.
  6. no prob, But yeah I dont know... Oh yeah when mine was real small sometimes I would hold the pot on an angle and water one side slowley untill the water dripped out the bottom a bit. so like one side of the pot got fully soaked and you know some dry soil is still in there, and it evens out... lol I dont know I just smoked a bowl.. so yeah there are tons of ways I guess, just not too much and not too often. let it dry out feel the weight of the pot to know when there is near no water. and also. just gentley work your finger into the soil and if it is dry more then 2" down you may be getting close to water time... yay.. anyway i'm out to post my 2nd thread. I still need some tips lol
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    OMG stop WATERING. Look, you actually want your soil to pretty much dry up completely before you water again, this way as it the soil dries up the roots will grow "seeking" out the water. Root developement and growth are essential for high yield.

    Another thing, seriously do not use ANY nutrients until the plants are at least one to two weeks old.

    The first two leaf like things, and the minerals in normal tap water, are more than enough nutrients to promote good growth during the first two weeks. Adding nutrients before then is asking for nute burn or hormone imbalance, probably leading to hermies.

    *edit* oh btw, Watering for a pot about the size of a party cup should be once every 3 to 4 days at max. If you have a normal pot size then its about once a week, and the final 3/5 gallon pot should be once every week and a half to two weeks.

    The drier the better

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