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  1. OK guys so i'm suffering from the dreaded Root Rot in my recirculating hydro system. At first i was using tap water so i think thats what started it, i started adding H2O2 29% to try and kill the bad bacteria but from what ive seen and read it actually worked against me and killed all my good enzymes, so, i've recently acquired some Cannazym to eat up the dead roots, but see the problem is i JUST added H2O2 to my system yesterday approximately 24 hours ago, and then i added the Cannazym about 12 hours after adding the H2O2 and i'm wondering if the cannazym will even do any good with the H2O2 still in my system?
    I REALLY don't want to do a flush because its such a pain in the ass with my set up, so how long does it take for the H2O2 to kind of fade away or convert into good ol' H2O? should i keep adding Cannazym or am i simply wasting it? i added a bunch of it last night but i'm not sure if the H2O2 ate it up or not. HELP MEEE.... please.

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    A flush is probably your best option.  Everything will just cut corners and you will be dealing with it until harvest.  A breakdown/clean and flush will take about a day or so and relieve the problem more than likely.  Your confusing the plant at this point adding all this stuff when a flush would fix it much faster. 
    Im assuming your in aero/hydro....
  3. Yup it's advertised as aero but its hydro realistically, and its just that i JUST did a flush yesterday before i added the H2O2 and i used RO pure water, does anyone know how long the H2O2 takes to go away? i guess i'll flush again if thats the verdict :x
  4. 2-3 days typicallySent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I547 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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