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  1. WHICH IS WHICH? MALE OR FEMALE?:eek::confused:


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  2. the one with the seed pots are male in the first pic but its to late ur plant has pollin sacks so it whent to the female so u wount get ne bud from ne of those 2 your plants are fucked u gota pull the males b4 they get seed pots better luck next year
  3. Aww, man. What a drag. Do yourself a favor my friend and spend as much time on this forum as you possibly can from now until spring. Those buds are ruined. But there is always next year, so prepare. Oh, if the seed was good you can at least get yourself a good supply. Other than that...
  4. Wooohooo! Man you should have cut down that enormous male weeks ago! It's a useful picture for people who don't know what a male looks like though ;). If you have females nearby they are probably pollenated and you'll mostly get seeds in your harvest. Some could be both females and males (hermaphrodites: cut them too). Better luck next time!
  5. is there anything that i can do with the males still?
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    Make rope. Some people say they make hash with males, but I think that's a bunch of bullshit myself. I've never seen a male with enough trichomes to even consider doing this. Hurry up and cut that shit down before you destroy all your neighbors' crops as well:)
  7. Is that what males look like if they are given time to mature? Purple pollen sacs?

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