Help are these ready yet? (color Blind)

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  1. Could you tell me if these Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze and Neville Haze are ready to be harvest? I am color blind and have a time seeing the colors! Thank you![​IMG]

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    How long have they been flowering? Even with being colorblind you should be able to see the trichromes depending one the high you want thats how you can tell. Personally i like to see mine haze about 70 percent before harvesting. Great grow my friend. I hope this helps!

    PS. I would give them some more time the 'hairs' havent changed yet
  3. I dont think they are done. They'll swell up a bit more.

    Nice plants tho!
  4. yes, I agree that they should go a little longer. still look really green, and the pistils are still really white.
  5. I reckon about another 2 weeks before harvest yet, bud hardener time my friend! before your flush :)
  6. take a couple of pics with the flash on and the grow lights off........but from what I can see they need longer, at a guess I'd say your about 4-5 weeks into flowering? some of them will take longer, that's a nice looking cola on that one on the left, the tallest one, what's that and can you get a closer pic of it please?..........Peace out............Sid
  7. nevelles haze size of a pop can 13" long
  8. No, .. Not yet. That's just judging by the White Pistols man.

    Check back in two weeks W/ pics. I'm sure then they will be near, .. .. or darn close .. .. .. .. :)
  9. Posting new pictures lights out flash on started 12/12 on dec 24th . Thanks guys
  10. Here are new pictures with light off and flash on! Thanks!

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  11. Same answer .. ^^^ .. .. :)
  12. if u go another 2 weeks, pluck some of the dead stuff off so they do not mold
  13. yeah, still got a bit to go, you can see them start to get a bit of N deff (yellow leaves), perfectly natural at this stage......looking good dude..........Peace out..........Sid
  14. them suckas should be about ready dawg...any updates?

  15. Maybe the lack of an update is a good thing, lol :smoke:

    .......Peace out.........Sid

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