HELP Are these healthy?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by newstarter, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Hi can you take a look at these and give your opinion on there health, i have 4 more older ones that are behind, the difference in size is making me wonder if there healthy or am i para?

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  2. HIGH All, they are clones? Did they have roots? How often do you water? How long have they been in a medium? For us to help you you have to help us.
    They do look healthy though.
  3. Yes there cuttings, they came in a inch block could see little root coming out the side not sure how long in medium. Man said had root stim, blocks were damp.
    I got them at 12 yesterday afternoon, put them into 3inch block last night now 36h later they havn't changed.
    Would there be a big change in them over 36h if they were dying??
    I water them all once a day about 125ml each with ph water + feed.
  4. HIGH All, yes you'd see some more changes for sure. Are the cubes still wet when you water again? Too much watering will slow your babies down and eventuality kill them.
  5. things are going good they both have new leaves coming so alls good.

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