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  1. i have been growing this plant for about a month and some change i been giving it nutrients at quater strength every other feeding with maxi grow hydrolonics and watering it pretty reguraly with a ph balance water at about 5.7 its in a rockwool medium under 24 hr 600 hps light and today i found a leaf with a yellow tip with black spots and also my leaves seem to be curling up. i thought it may have been bleaching because i did have the light a lil too close for about a whole day i moved the plant away also a few of the lower leaves had some yellow spots that were magnesium defieciency and seem to be under control now. i been flushing for about 2 days now with str8 distilled water that is ph 5.7 so i dont really kow wat to do next. some one help me this is my first grow so any advice at all will help big time thanks grasscity!

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  2. You should be giving that plant full strength nutrients at a month old, especially under a 600w HPS.
  3. why are you using a hps bulb. you really dont need that much until flowering. you should start out with daylight cfl bulbs. you really dont need that bulb until flowering. i dont know much about hydro. but i would read the lighting section. your just wasting more energy by using the hps all the time.
  4. i jus started the nutes like a week ago and was planning on getting to that point by next week or so by gradually increasing the dosage.

  5. A seedling can take 1/4 strength nutrients at 2 weeks in hydro, and by 4 weeks will be at full strength. With that 600 watter, it can use more nutrients, with the amount of lumens.
    Thats why its not growing.

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