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  1. I want to start flowering my plants but am unsure as to how to go about doing it
    Background; I have 2 bagseeds planted and growing in Scott's hydro-something potting soil. They've been outside through germination till now. I have a generic little room set up for them with 2 100watt lamps. Packaging says clf daytime bulb. I also have "MG Bloom Booster Flower Food". Not quite sure what to do with thatbut im hoping you can help. Im attaching pics. Tell me what you think. 1369408316275.jpg 1369408405743.jpg 1369408495183.jpg 1369408559828.jpg
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    how old are they. you gotta let it veg a bit. it's a baby. wait 3-4 more weeks. then we'll talk
    edit: do some research.. read. read. read...
  3. I know. Theyll be a wk old next Monday. Im waiting patiently but I dont want them to get too big. I've been reading and this is my second attempt. First one ended with the law. Lol... my main question is how to start the flowering process and what's the lowdown on that miracle grow shit basically.
  4. they have to veg good buddy. it's gonna be at least 3-4 more weeks. then flip them to 12/12. then you got at least 8 more weeks. it's not a quick process and the more you try to rush it the worse off ur end result will be (if you even get there). do some research on spectrum of light and get a decent setup.
    miracle grow as a medium can be hazardous to plants due to their time-released nutrients. meaning you have 0 control over ur plants feeding (other than watering). many people have 0 issues growing in it but they have also done so b4 and know how to balance it out. most likely ur plants will burn then nutrient lockout then wither up and die. this is why I say to research. you gotta have all the equipment and setup ready to go and dialed in b4 popping any seeds. if not, you're more than likely just wasting ur time.
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    Thanks. Like I said, I got majority of the supplies by "donation" so I'm making the best of it. I figure anything that I need to substitute or whatnot I can grab from my "H n G" spot. I just need guidance and shit. Im currently a botony major so I have a little knowledge about plants. The miracle grow is what I wanna know about. 1369412884416.jpg

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