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  1. Hi, so basically i'm a complete novice looking for advice
    I got this plant from a friend who didn't know much about it, it's about 2 months old, has been sat in front garden and not really attended to, has been watered/fed during those 2 months but how often/with what is unknown. i also don't know the condition of the soil as it is at the moment.
    For the last two weeks I have been keeping it in some woods with a clear screen around it and netting over the top for some protection
    When i got it it was looking fairly healthy, with only slight yellowing to leaves on the bottom two branches, but now these two have completely shrivelled up and fallen off
    The next set of branches have some brown patches on the leaves
    The next set up have some brown again, and some of the leaves are curling inward, and some upwards
    The top branches had one middle leaf curling inwards, and one the other side has been completely eaten by slugs/snails, with dried slime still visible on some leaves
    There were 4 top branches, one fell off, and when I checked it this morning, (having now moved it indoors) another one had clearly been eaten off as most of the leaves were on the bottom of the plant pot with bite marks, so now only two remain
    There is also a split in the main stalk between the top branches and the next set below
    Everything should be fairly clear to see in the pictures I have attached
    I'm just looking for some advice on what to do with it
    - I've thought about re-potting it so i then know and can properly control the pH and levels of nutrients in the soil
    -Another idea is cloning it and effectively growing it from a young plant again
    What is best to do with this plant?
    And can anyone give me some tips/a basic grow guide, with everything from feeding and watering, to grow boxes, lights and even things like topping and general care for the plant? 
    Have also included a picture of a homemade grow box, just need to cut out a hole for a fan and get an appropriate bulb for it


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  2. Definitely want ph under control.
    It looks like nute burn to me. Dial em back a bit.

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