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  1. i have 8 seedlings which i have roughly been bringing up for 12 days, i soaked my seeds in water for around 20 hours then i placed in soaked rockwool for 3 days in darkness in a propagator, after this i then made a mistake and kept my dome on my propagator which by the way is a heated one, on day five i made a box for my seedlings with 3 11w phillips cfl lights to get them started and i also put my rockwool cubes into small points with a small amount of soil, i plan on keeping them in this box for around another seven days, on day 12 i am now on my second set of leaves not including the first two out of the seedlings.. after seven days i plan to move these to my final size 25L pots under 2 400w dual spectrum HPS lights, i have also bought all dutch pro products other than keep it clean and multi total, from what i have said here and what i plan to do can someone with more experience tell me weather i have done this well or not, and weather my plans for the future are correct? thanks for any help offered, i am a newbie this is my first grow after alot of smoking and researching.. also if it helps to know i am not using a tent i have sectioned a portion of my room off and made big foil boards to keep it in check..
  2. You seem to be doing everything right, but I wouldn't go directly to my final grow pot. Instead I would next go to something like 4 - 6 liter pot and let them veg in those for the next 3 - 4 weeks, then when I was ready to flip them, about a week before, I would then place them into your final 25 liter pots. As that would help your plants grow more rapidly and also give your plants the needed space to continually grow their root system all the way through to their harvesting.
  4. You'll get much faster foliage growth out of your plants if you'll start them in little containers (like Solo cups) and only pot them up one size at a time. By confining the space the plants have to root into, it allows them to do this quicker and get back to throwing energy at the foliage growth. Until the root system is formed, the plant pretty much just sits there and least the part above soil level that you see. Each time the plant gets larger than the container it's in (wider and taller), it's a pretty sure bet that it's slightly root bound...which is what you want before you up-pot to the next size. Taking very small seedlings or young plants and throwing them in a 25 Liter pot, only means that it's going to be A WHILE before those little plants can fill out that big pot with a root system. It will eventually get rooted in and grow, but it's going to take a heck of a long time to do it. Often, the new grower will think that something is wrong with the plant while it's getting rooted in and think it needs more water, nutes, etc.....which it doesn't. Also, when you go into a very large pot like that, it's often hard to tell for sure just how much moisture is down around the roots of the plant. They don't like their roots sitting in moisture all the time....thus the need for a very light and arid soil to grow in. Read in the new grower threads. Lots of posts there for the new grower that contain the basics of growing these things without too much stress involved. Good luck! TWW
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  5. wow wish you was my neighbour, thanks alot

  6. you sound experienced, is it ok to grown multiple strains together
  7. Well thank you!! That's an awfully sweet compliment. LOL After years of growing in secrecy here, I found a friend a few miles up the road who had just started a closet grow...only a couple of plants for him and his wife. I was able to help him out with his first round of plants. It makes all the difference in the world when you have someone with some experience who can kind of help you figure out wrong from right when starting out doing this. I didn't have that and it took me a good year to wade through all the crap and figure out what worked and what didn't. If I hadn't found the grow forums, I would've folded this stuff up and stopped a LONG time ago. LOL But, the more you grow, the better you get at it and the more it makes sense. So keep on working at it and there are lots of us around here who are happy to help when we can. Happy Friday!!! TWW

  8. i have 4 different feminized seeds and im thinking of germinating those but is growing different strains in one space bad?

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