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  1. Alright, these are three "light green mid" plants. There about 4 weeks old, not in flowering stage yet. I'm new to growing, any advice is great!:smoking::hello: Peace:wave:

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  2. Hiya,

    I'm also new to growing so not sure how much help I can be.:)
    Is there more than 1 in a pot? My advise would be to put them in separate pots and give them space to grow. They are looking quite young to be 4 weeks old but i am of course comparing to my own, not taking in to account the strain. Happy growing!
  3. what type of strain seeds are you using?
  4. I have 1 vanilla kush and 1 blue cheese, at 5 weeks vegging I switched over to flowering, but I did so because they were very bushy adult like plants. I will post a picture when they were at like 4 weeks to give u an idea. :)

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  5. Your best advice is get more lights and start over again :-/ very stretched out with minimal nodes if that's really 4 weeks

    It's a learning process bro don't sweat it, growing ain't easy!
  6. Yea for 4 weeks them are small
  7. Yeh it's a learning process try hps lamps also have u been using any nutes?
  8. My first grow I started them in the same pot but moved them separate when they were like a foot tall. Grew into giants! I can see the lack of light but if you upgrade it, it can still nice plant!
  9. Yeah today I'm actually trans potting them into separate 10 gal buckets each.
    Also upgrading the lights too; but I need your help!
    What's the best type of lights to get and what Watts?
    Also about how much will it cost me cause I have about a $60 budget.
  10. And LORRD your plants are looking great, & Huge!
    I think my also looks so small is cause your strain is different, and mine are just mid grade bud not high grade like yours. :|
    I'm looking for a great site to buy seeds for cheap; also is a legit site. :)
    You have any idea's on good sites?
  11. Depends on how many plants you are wanting to grow. High pressure sodium lights I would go with 400w or 600w. You will probably need to spend more than $60for that though
  12. Yeah they run about $26 for the bulb & $20 for the light that holds the bulb.
    When I go to lowe's later I will see what they have & make my decision.
    I'm also getting some of this potting soil to trans pott them in. "link below"

    Shop Miracle-Gro 64-Quart Potting Soil at

    Also I'm looking for a great site to buy seeds for cheap; also is a legit site.
    You have any idea's on good sites?
  13. Pic &mix seeds I hear are pretty good coz u can buy individual feminised seeds, great for trying new strains I suppose
  14. I'm looking for a trusted site though; Know any?
    That are real, stealthy, and fast.
  15. Yeh pic & mix seeds are trusted a friend of mine used them and the seeds arrived the next day in plain packaging
  16. If there is one plant in them pots way to small to flower if more than one in pot babiesin my class flower after foot and half to two foot veg 8 weeks end result much greater despite what you hear if growing in dirt like pic

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