help accidental grow so im sticking with it

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  1. i found some seeds in this bud i had it was good stuff i took the seeds and just throw thum on some soil with another plant for lol and found out a week ago it grow it was done in December it was crappy soil so i did not think it would grow i have a lot of plants so i for got about it to find it grow but i need some help its very small for how old it is im thinking of puting it out side i have a good place for it i transplanted it in to some miracle grow and put it out side but now i find its bottom sun leaves are browning on the tips and are drooping help me out whats up with it[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. That isn´t MJ.
  3. That looks like poison ivy bro.
  4. it looks jacked up cus of the soil and lack of sun i know that much and i know for a fact its ganja its got the smell and the leaves the prob is that the bottom sun leaves keep dieing 1st the bottem ones fall off then the rest of it falls off but it only started when i took it out side just need to know why the leaves keep dieing i think im doing everything right trust me im a Jamaican i knows my ganja just dont know growing to well i have grown it before but that was puting seed in the ground if it went male it stayed out just as if it turned female this time i want to do it right more pics to see if any one can help me out

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  5. [​IMG]thats poison ivy
  6. Homie, I don't know shit about growing, too. But for the love of everyone's sanity, please at least punctuate your sentences-- bare minimum add periods lol. :p
  7. That is some hella fat Indica then.
  8. all i know is it came from a Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani aka its purple kush. it was the best stuff i have ever smoked. i hope that this one comes out half as good and i will be happy that oz lasted me to 3 weeks most oz last a week
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    If you think that is cannabis then you DON´T knows yer ganga.

    And how come your pics are dated 2002? This is a joke, yes??
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    did not feel like setting the date on my cam but what ever i got the help i needed from another sight you ppl don't know what there talking about
  11. from what im seeing its definately ganja. i dont know why you guys think its not:confused::p
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    The leaves are too shiny, the leaves are not spaced in pairs on the main stem at any point, the main stem is not ribbed, is not straight, and is too thin, the leaves are ALL palmate and rounded not pointed, there is no evidence of any stipules, nor any growing point characteristic of MJ. That is why I KNOW it is not.
  13. If you think I don´t know what I am talking about have a look at my grow journal. THAT is what MJ looks like.
  14. meph yo i know my stuff i know what a weed plant looks like, its funny i have a bunch of dieffenbachia only plants i have in my house, the pot i put the seed that was in my kush in grows a plant with 5 leaves that looks like weed, humm could it be well its weed my friend like i said before the problem i had is with the bottem sunleaves 2 of the leaves keep falling off as show in the pics ones the top ones with the 5 leaves and the other is the same plant with only 3 and thats the bottom
  15. There are a whole load of plants that have a superficial resemblance to MJ, here is one.


    This is kenaf, used in making paper. I read a good story about some dumb cops that burnt a farmer´s whole crop of kenaf, and got their asses sued off.
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    ya i know that but what im trying to say is you must not have look at the pics 2ed it smells just like weed i need to keep my glade on when i have it in the house becouse the house smells of weed and i dont blaze in the house or keep my stuff in side only thing of weed in the house is the plant the dead leaves u light thum on fire smells like some good shit i will post more pics as it grows not to say you dont know your stuff i just know your rong on dis + i did not ask if its a weed plant i asked why its leaves are drooping and browning one the ends then dieing

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  17. In that case, all I can say is I look forward to seeing it bud.
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    Looks interesting. If it smells then I would have to say its MJ. It does look a little odd, and at the same time alot like MJ.
  19. Indeed.

    Now THAT would be Hilarious!!!

    Yeah I think I would tend to agree. The pics from the first page, I dont think is MJ. Now the pics from this page look more like MJ. But I still dont think Im convinced. I hope it is for you.

    Its proly drooping because it needs water.
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    i take back my statement. the leaves are all fucked up but the stem shows its clearly weed. hope it smokes good.

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