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    \t\t\t\t\t\t\tok everyone. I wanna start a tent scrog grow. I wanna know what size tent? what kind of light t5 or the 250 watt hps? I wanna how many and size fans I would need. what size pots should I use. so if anyone has a tent grow going. I would love to here from you. any help would be great. so I was thinking of this tent and getting this light. so would this be good or do you have any other suggestions?

    BRAND NEW 36 x 20 x 62" 100% Reflective Mylar HYDROPONIC ...



    6" INCH INLINE DUCT FAN EXAUST BOOSTER BLOWER CASE OF 2 \t250 Watt Digital HPS+MH Grow Light XL Wing Reflector Hood 250W Hydroponic System\t
    Item picture
    250 Watt Digital HPS+MH Grow Light XL Wing Reflector Hood...\t\t\t\t\t​
  2. The t5 is fantastic for vegative growth.
    The HPS is The best choice youve offered for flowering.
    Tents. If its not good quality save your money.
    Not a fan of those fans lol. Look for centrifugal fans. Areosumo make a real nice product.
    Hit your local garden store. They will have a recycling bin full of pots. Get 3galons for flowering and 1 gallon and smaller cups for veg and flowering, all free.

    Ill be frank your on the right track as for right products i just that stuff u linked is of low quality. If you have to buy cheap shit twice wouldnt it be more prudent just to buy good quality first and once? Maybe its just me but that looks like cheap offshore shit.

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