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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greenthumb, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. Hey,
    I'm hoping you can help. I've just received some bubblegum seeds (10 of them) from a friend visiting Amsterdam. I'd like to plant them in my back garden next to my tomatoe plants. I thought I would plant the seeds in half gallon containers buried in the ground but I don't know if I should put one seed per container or if I can put several seeds in one container.
    I have never grown pot before. I reckon since it is a weed it should'nt take too much TLC. I'm not in this for a big bounty harvest. I would like to grow it successfully in able to enjoy it.
    Any info would be great!!!
  2. Germinate seeds before planting..keep in mind maturing females should have at least a 5gal container.

    Remember also..You Reap What You Sow...the more TLC you put into it..the more THC you'll get out of it.

    Happy to hear you wish to grow your own,,,it should be enjoyable.....good luck

  3. Thanks ndicabud. I have been to the overgrow site and it is really helpful. But I am a simple gal and need real simple information. For instance, the sex of the seed. I've read the seeds are asexual - do I determine what the sex will be? Or do I weed out the males once identified?
    How many plants can I put in a five gallon tub? I've heard Supersoil is the medium to use. Do you concur? And that MiracleGrow fertilizer is good to use too.
    This is really exciting. I mean vegetables are great to grow and taste so much better than grocery types but growing cannibas - well it's exciting.
    Thanks! Happy April 15th!

  4. You can't determine the sex of the seeds by looking at them. Sexing can only be determined after the plant has grown up and the sexual organs start to develop.

    As far as hints on growning weed.... treat them just like you would tomatoes and they will grow fine. Space them the same, fertilize them the same, water them the same, etc.
  5. Have is exciting surely....

    Try not to use Miracle Grow for the cannabis if you can help it..."Shultz" makes top notch ferts,,as does "Rapid Grow".And 1 plant per container...

  6. Thanks ndicabud. Thanks Big Poppa Puff. I'll send photos once the plants get going.
  7. Well it's been two months since my first message out and thanks for all the great advice! Out of the five seeds I planted two survived. One is about two feet tall and the other is about 1.5 feet tall. I have seperated them (about 200 feet apart). I think one is male (the bigger plant) and the other female. The one plant that I think is male has begun to develop little balls. I think I can see pestils forming in the female. Should I yank the male? Also, when the FAQ guide says 12/12 hours of light and darkness I'm not sure if it's twelve hours of "sunlight" or twelve hours from dawn to dusk. I'm using Shultz's fertilzer every other watering - it's a very diluted mix - 24 drops per two gallons of water. Is that enough? Too much? I'll try to send photos,however, I'm not computer savvy.
    Any comments are greatly appreciated.
    Peace on Earth.
  8. I

    I would go ahead and pull the male to keep the bees from spreading the pollen.

    Ferts are OK, if you haven't killed them yet by overfert, you are doing fine.

    12/12 refers to indoor lighting. Let mother nature take her course and the female will finish flowering in Sept. or Oct.
  9. Thanks big poppa! This is so exciting! I've never nutured a set plants so much. I hope it pays off. I'll keep ya posted.
  10. Yep those busy little bees,can do ya in....

    Sounds like you are doing good....I can feel the excitement your having from nice feel to it don't it....

    have fun...

  11. Hi,
    I'm trying to send a photo but I keep getting bumped with a message stating the file is too big. I've checked that the pics file size is 96k and the pic size is 320x240. Can you help me figure out how to send you a photo? Pleeeeeeeeeeze?

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