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help a girl out please?(:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xnatawaax39, May 21, 2010.

  1. okay so I'm new to toking and weed and the whole industry that comes with it. My friend got me hooked up with a good dealer. He's got a great rep, reliable, and not overly pricey. But here's my problem I still live at home cause i'm not done highschool yet (I turned 18 my senior year) and My rents made me a deal,if I stay home and do 2 years of community then they'll pay for any school I want for 6 years max. So I took the dael but the problem is I like weed alot and I need tips to hide it from my rents and not let them know I'm high otherwise I'll get kicked out and I can't afford a place on my own yet. so how do I store it and how do I keep my room from smelling like it to much?

    Thanks a billion <3 xoxo
  2. Well this is one of the most difficult situations for young smokers, hiding it from the rents. you're a girl so it will be easier, IMO i would start burning incense all the time, and get a good vac-seal jar. and if your parents are nosey, fake attempt suicide, that'll get em off your back
  3. tell um to suck it

  4. Thats not something to joke about.

    Anyway, what I would suggest don't ever smoke inside. Go for a walk or something. Keep your stuff double bagged in like your sock drawer or someplace your parents wont look. I have mine in a lockbox. Maybe pick one of those up. Spray yourself with perfume after you are done smoking and remember to open your eyes. If you think they are open chances are they aren't. Use visine or some sort of eyedrops and you should be fine. Good luck.
  5. That's the worst fucking advice ever.

    Get yourself a capsule, a pipe, a cushioned bag for your pipe (available in headshops, keeps the peace safe in transportation and also locks the smell of the pipe in). obviously the bud goes in the capsule. lol

    Only smoke outsideanytime you could be risking confrontation (trust, you don't want to pay for 6 years of college), and always pack your bowls/handle your shit OUTSIDE as well. I know it might seem easier to do it inside where its warm and in the light, problem is that it can leave a lingering odor that's noticeable. Get yourself some Ozium Spray as well for those times when you slip. You're a girl so you should always have perfume or something to cover up the smell on your body anyways.

    If you smoke cigarettes, those cover the smell well. But i would never reccomend them because they are a bitch to quit and they fuck your shit up. I smoked for 6 years and had a hell of a time getting off that shit.

    Peace and Love hon
  6. Yea store it in air tight mason jars, easist solution to the herb smell... I kept a ton of weed in my parents house when i was in high school and they didnt find any of it ever hahahah
  7. That really sucks. Luckily, I don't think my dad cares if I smoke weed since I'm 19 and in college (he was in college too at one point, and had his fair share of fun), but my mom is pretty strict. I smoke in my room, except I seal my door on the bottom with towels so it doesn't leak from there. I open my window and smoke my bong out that. (Nothing else, just the bong.) It works for me, it doesn't smell and I don't think they notice.

    But I'd be careful since in your situation, many college $$$ are or the line!
  8. Xanax for stress? Instead of Bud?? No thanks mate.
  9. first off...fuck xanax, my friend was super chill till he started getting that he's fuckin addicted to that shit and its not even cool to chill with him anymore, it'll fuck your life up no matter what people say, but its your body, your mind, your soul, your life, do what you please

    and second off your a girl

    ok SO firstly, do your parents know you used to smoke? or do they even know you smoke or..fuck do they even know what it is/smell? and if so, there are bags called "smelly proof" and they are quite the bag-they are very reliable and smells dont come whatsoever. also, i would suggest hiding your pipe and shit in your garage, because no matter hw many bags you put on it..the smell WIll leak me im in the same situation as you a in the past...but now that my mom and doc recommended my med card its kinda hard for her to b elike "no" but yea

    umm.. if you wish to smoke inyour house for wahtever reason.. go to the bathroom..pretend like your taking a shower--fuck you can take a shower and blaze, put the fan on and it'll go away the moment your done the shower..just keep the fan going and close the door-come back 10-15min later and close the fan. but dont get the meds wet or the lighter lol, its a bitch to dry that shit in that environment...however.. DONT smoke a joint or blunt in the bathroom..that shit lingers.

    if ur really like "fuck outside, i wanna blazein my pad" then i would suggest you buy a vaporizer or that magic flight lunch box and it'll just smell like burnt popcorn in your room if it lingers..and the smell goes away quite fast..o and keep an empty bag of popcorn on ur desk lol

    so yea.. if u have any questions hit me up, i feel as if i mastered the art of being low-key at my house hahahaha just kidding, not ;)
  10. I recommend getting airtight bags to store your bud in. double or triple bag it. Hide it well, if you pull out the bottom drawer in your dresser or desk you'll find a large hollow space, stash your shit there. Use pipes, they smell less then joints (less smoke comes off) so you won't reek as much. i'm gonna be typing up a guide to sneak toking, probably within the next 3-4 days, look for it in the appretence tokers section.
  11. Ask if your parents smoke. You never know sometimes :smoke:
  12. #12 sikander, May 21, 2010
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    The things that fuck people over the most is smell control and redeye.

    Get some visine for the redeye, and get creative for the smell control. The most obvious thing is don't smoke inside, because you're just begging to get screwed over then.

    What I find works for smell control is getting any kind of container with an airtight seal. I have a glass jar that I just throw my baggie in. I hear those little cushioned pouches work well for stinky glass, too.

    And if you smoke and then go straight home, DON'T walk in the door wearing the same outer layer you smoked in! If you smoke while wearing a jacket, change the jacket before you go in. I used to have a special jacket I would wear while smoking, and I just took it with me in my backpack. I have a friend who would just take his jacket off while smoking back when it mattered.
  13. You need to start keeping your breath and body smelling like something 24/7. And start going for random drives/walks/runs if you don't already. Do that without smoking for a while, and let them get suspicious. They'll check you out, whether you know it or not. They might talk to you, and let them check your stuff. You'll come home from a random walk sober and stuff and they'll realize they were suspicious for nothing. Then when they're comfortable, start smoking up when you do your new habits. These habits are just examples of course... just go out for a smoke, and do everything like a normal toke sesh, even the planning to come back high around parents part. Except don't burn.

    They'll have already lost suspicion as to why you're taking a walk, or sitting out back, or smelling strongly of breath mints and perfume. It's harder to do than it sounds though, but it works.
  14. Fuck that, just go around your parents high all the time and they'll just start seeing that's how you act and they'll be like shit it's too late to change her and they'll live with it or you can do what I do and just lie and say I don't.

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