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Help a fellow out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ClintBeestwood, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Ok so first of all, Hi im new here, and need help on the following things:

    1. how to tuck the paper when rolling a joint. (Ive been smoking for 2 years, but still cant roll a joint. everytime I try to tuck it in I fail, get frustrated, and end up having to use a plastic roller.

    2. How to order paraphanelia from amazon by using an amazon gift card. Also where to find amazon gift card in stores.

    3. How to find connects in a new city/town. (just moved from Florida to Seattle, WA. Really hard to find a good connect, they all sell mids mostly. Im tired of mids, I want to try some Dro or Chronic. :rolleyes::smoke:
  2. I taught my friend by having him roll papers around a thin pencil and then fatter pencil.

    I never order stuff online, I prefer to look at stuff and inspect for imperfections.

    College comic stores etc, ask around and be nice
  3. Thanks, I guess for now Ill practice with my crappy Kulu Rice papers and some brick weed lol

    2. Online is a lot cheaper, usually 30% cheaper or less depending on the item, but I mostly wanna buy papers, and a bubbler from amazon or grasscity.

    3. Asking is the tough part, I only try approaching people who look like they smoke,

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