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Discussion in 'General' started by phiegnux, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. i got a shit ton of thos white and pink benadryls, andi also got the green ones that contain 325mg acetaminophen along with some Pseudoephedrine HCI (30mg) i WOULD like to take enough that i trip and feel real fukin from the actaminophen, but i know that large amounts can damage your liver, but im a big guy (bout 270 give or take a few) id appreciate some comments.
  2. dont take it man the tylenol in it will kill you dude if you wanna trip go to the store and buy some benadryls with no actempohen or whatever cause itt will turn to acid and kill you , just get them with DMT and pseudoedhrine
  3. I wouldn't do it, but if you want to try it no harm done, JUST TAKE REGULAR BENADRYL NO OTHER STUFF IN IT BUT DIPHENHYDRAMINE

    I tried benadryl for recreation for the hell of it one night. I took about 275mg of just regular benadryl. It starts about 30-45mins, real suddle. First I noticed a bluriness, then my eyes would have irregular movements while trying to read text on the screen (very jumpy).

    About 1.5hours in I had finally lost the battle to sleep. I felt SOOO TIRED i just fell asleep unknowingly

    I woke up about 45 mins into the sleep to use the bathroom. I returned to bed and tried to fall asleep. At this point I started to experience the most awkward feeling ever. Everytime I would get to the point of sleeping I would jump up uncontrollably. I tried to not do it but I could not stop. For 2 hours this went on and I don't really remember much besides that.

    The next day is very rough, I found everything to somehow be slow.

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