Help 4 6500k 85 Watt CFLS. Fire hazard? (pics)

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  1. I just ordered four of these and the whole base and light bulb get really hot and im scared they might catch fire.. i have them in my attic. Please help.
    IMG_20140127_185626.jpg IMG_20140127_185636.jpg IMG_20140127_185650.jpg IMG_20140127_185654.jpg

  2. ok, are you pluging the wire to regular 15a outlet? It should be able to hold 1k prbly is hot becuse the blub are too close to each other. If you can separate it a little if not it will still be okay.
  3. How many watts are each of those bulbs?  It looks like the heat of the sun on that one little plant.
  4. im plugging the light into an outlet that is connected to a screw on light adapter
  5. 85 each
  6. its a screw on light bulb thats in the attic that converts into a wall plug in and that has an adapter that changes it for 2 plug to 3 plug oulteft and the light is plugged in there
    That's 85 "true" watts, not equivalent, correct?
  8. correct its 300 or something like that equivalent
  9. Looks to be a bit sketchy.
    can you tell the wire size feeding the socket?
  10. what do you mean
    There should be a cable that feeds the power, whats the numbers on it?  14? 12?
  12. The set upSent from my SGH-T999 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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  13. I dont see a numberSent from my SGH-T999 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. 12 amp maxSent from my SGH-T999 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. It says 12 amp max
  16. 12 amp can hold 1800 watt
  17. I have a similar setup but with 9 23w CFL's with 6 being bunched up together. The ballasts are nearly touching and become extremely hot after time. I'm nervous to run them 24/7 due to heat issues on the actual bulbs, my grow room is a steady 78F
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    Check if your cord get hot, if not your fine. Just have a fan blowing in there so it would build up too much heat.
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    AWG same as hooking up a stereo system etc.
    only fire should be the bud u grow
    more fiya! ;)
    might blow a fuse tho <_<
  20. I highly recommend a circuit protecting power strip.

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