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    Hey there people! Names Stosez and i reside in the warmly state of California. Gotta say this is my second time here, first made an account here but of course i didn't read the rules. Noticed in a few threads youths weren't allowed and i thought "well balls let's drink". I logged off and forgot about it. Come three years later and here i am. Yes now I'm 18, yes i read the rules(didn't realizr at first they were short and simple) and yes i now smoke to alleviate my migraines. Not just for the other various "problems" i have succumbed to ;) . Anyways, glad to be a part of y'all now, it's time for my baclava.

    Just noticed have no descriptive back story lol. Started using tobacco at 11, alcohol same year and mary two later. For the lolz of course, but two years ago i almost ended my life playing a game of pick up fball. Was being an imbecile and wore converse slipping and colliding with a tree on a cut Luckily i missed the corner of the rock where it was most rigid, but i messed my vision up a little. No glasses but I'll strain looking, thus giving me the ridiculous headaches. Erm....yeah. That's my interesting life. NOW time for baklava.

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