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  1. well hello everyone...sorry been on this site for a little while now...and the amazing thing is i have only now found this "introduction thingy" sooo HELLO ALL..im 26 (well will be in 2 days time).and i am from south africa...yeeehaaa....quack quack...as i always say...yup yup...so been smoking for about 9 years now...oh yes im a man...(ta da)just though id ad that tiny bit of info...so why in the world am i here...well well just to meet people from all over the world doing what i love doing and that is to smoke a huge amount of weed when ever possible...(prefably DAILY)...
    well there we go now that i have introduced my self,hope u guys and girls have an awesome day...take care and be safe
  2. you found the right place
  3. Welcome, welcome and may the pot god continue to bless us all!!!!!! Hope you have a "higher than life" time here......there are alot of crazy (but good hearted people) around.
  4. Welcome to the city!
  5. You've found the best place to kick back and chill out at on the net!! Congrads, and I hope you enjoy all the city has to offer!! :)

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