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  1. Well hey everyone. I'm from a super small town in Georgia, and unfortunately around here marijuana isn't held in high regard. But I love it, I've only been smoking for a few months though. I am really interested in learning everything I can about the wonderful plant and getting to know more people who enjoy it's numerous benefits. So post a hi or anything! That'd be awesome:)
  2. Welcome, abanks1, to our wonderful City. If you find you have nothing else in common with anyone here, at least know that EVERYONE here shares their love for cannabis. I feel you about how people in your area don't like or respect the herb. It's not Georgia, it's the South. I'm from Kentucky, and people here are the same way. Except for those of us living deep in the sticks who have figured out just how much money there is to be made from growing marijuana. So a lot of us have been working hard for a long time to try to get hemp legalized in order to boost our economy. It's a work in progress. :smoke:
  3. hello hello.

    welcome to GC.

    the most loved/helpful/hateful/ community! lol.

    mostly love for the good part tho.

    where ever theres love... theres hate.
  4. Hey Pearl75 thanks for the welcome! And yes, it is pretty much the whole south that doesn't appreciate marijuana. I wish it was different...:) but hopefully things will change soon! I wish I was in a position to grow my own, but for now it can't happen as I still live with my family. They are awesome, but not open to the cultivation....let alone use of marijuana in it's illegal state. And laidbacksmoker thanks for your welcome also! I really like these forums so far, I've found a lot of interesting discussions:)
  5. Hello and welcome ;) hope u enjoy ur stay here :p

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