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  1. My sig really explains it all. I oddly don't feel like writing right now though, so I'll just say hi like a normal person, I guess. So, hi everybody! :wave: I love these smileys btw.
  2. Ha ha nice. Love the smileys too:) So where you from friend? And what do you like to write?
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    I'm from the outskirts of Portland in Oregon. I'll write pretty much anything. I don't really write as a hobby, but when I do write it tends to be a lot. I wrote fast, but spend about the same amount of time talking as anyone else. Lol
  4. Hello every one i m Chris from China. i sale books online.
  5. Thats pretty cool. I love the Oregon/Washington area. Well the northern part I guess. And thats cool you write. I do not write at all. Lol
  6. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    I write occasionally. Have had a few news articles published, but what I do mainly is "Granny's List"- Just click that first link in my sig and see what I'm talking about! Cannabis is really amazing stuff! EDUCATE YOURSELF! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  7. Welcome to GC :D. Hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
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    Oh, I am VERY familiar with your list. I used it in my extensive research before deciding mmj would be a more beneficial than not. Thanks so much for it! It's amazing!

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