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  1. Hi,
    My name is Faith IM from NY.
    I'm 25 and just started smoking pot about 2 years ago.(damn this is sounding like a start to AA or somthing)
    And I Love it. (the pot not that this sounded like an AA intro)
    My Mom was a hippie so kinda in the blood (I think).
    Anyway I joined to find out if anyone had info on a march in the city on may 4th.
    thought maybe I can find out and if not find others who wanna go as well.
    But this looks like a fun place to just talk anyway so I am glad I stumbled onto it.
    BTW this is me...dont know if it will show up...

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  2. Hey welcome to the city :) I posted a link to ya for the event, but you're right I don't think it's working too well. I tried to find a location for ya but to no avail, it's lost.

    I'm 25 myself, and going to the MMM and would love to have ya join us, but unfortunately we're on the west coast :) Glad to have ya on the city though, hope you stick around!
  3. Hey Faith welcome to the city. What part of NY ya from?..i'm from NYC
  4. Thanks.
    I like this site a lot already.
    I like the smily faces a lot.

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