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  1. safe ppl am new to this website so i dont know a lot about it and i wold like to chat to ppl that "smoke's de erb" and growing it.
  2. Welcome BMD! OK, you will get lots of help here with the growing and such. I would like to introduce you to another aspect of cannabis- medical use. Just click the "old format" link and start reading. Just read the titles :rolleyes: - on their own, they will give you an interesting education. Start reading the studies, and we are talking a REAL education! :D

    I've used cannabis for over 40 years- so I feel I qualify as one of "thems that's doing". I grow my own, organically, in soil, under tubes and CFLs and my herb kicks arse! (yes, that is a proper word for that part of the anatomy- it's a fine old English word!) I am a legal California patient and caretaker/provider for my hubby (he has a "black thumb").
  3. Welcome to "DA" City!
    Happy Tokin'.:smoking:
  4. thank you.
  5. Welcome to the city! :wave: I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here!

    Try and be an active poster, there are a lot of good posters and information on this message board. Also if you haven't yet, check out The Rules.

    Also feel free to ask us any questions...! (As long as they follow The Rules ;) )

    Cya ! :D

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