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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Irishtoker, Oct 17, 2001.

  1. Salutations!! Im from Yahooka, thought Id give this place a looksee. Looks pretty nice, might stay for a while. Greetings to all fellow Yahookans!
  2. Hey 'rish. Glad you made it!
  3. Yahooka....can we say that word here? LOL! jk I USED to be a yahookan, I believe my name was... youngman420 or some shit. now.... I AM A BLADE! LOL! Have fun here, it's a great place!
  4. Hey Irish......glad to see ya made it over.......nice place,,enjoy
  5. Hello there my irish buddy. Glad to see you here, finally!
  6. I'm an old yahookan too. got tired of waiting 5 minutes for the pages to load, I wish they would move to a different server or somethin, oh well, these forums look pretty cool so I might just stay here.
  7. Yup Irish, this is the place. You will reconize alot of names here.
  8. Welcome Irish,
    We have been waiting for you to show up. This place rocks like Yahooka used to.

    Peace to you and yours.
  9. rock on brotha :)
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  10. Hey Hey Hey Good to see you.
  11. Slowly, they came trickling in. Just a few at first, and then..............

    Hey ya Irish!
    Glad ya made it!
  12. A storm of smokers rolled into...

    Good to see more people here each week.
    Welcome Irish
  13. Hail-Hail-the gangs all here!!!! I finally got on at just wasn't the same. Unfamiliar people-nothin interesting posted...come here, and here ya all are!!! This probly sounds sappy but i was missin you guys.....(MUSH)....glad to see ya made it Irish-you'll like it here.
  14. how did you get that many post so fast! lol thats as funny as my name!
  15. hey i made it to0 :D!
  16. Welcome all Yahookans to Grasscity !

    Kick your shoes off ,fire up a bowl of what ever you got ,and let it all hang out.
  17. These were some times....

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