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  1. Hi,
    I'm a lifelong smoker (from 16+) and I love ganja, mary jane, herb, weed; whatever you want to call it. It has great properties for almost any health concern and it feels GOOD. It feels great to be on a forum that celebrates it, instead of demonizing it. ~It. Is. Medicine.~ Good medicine at that!
    I have ridden motorcycles for 27 years and have had 6 so far- my newest is a black 2017 Street Glide Standard IT IS AMAZING!. I live in a wonderful home in the woods with my husband, outside a small town in Kansas and we ride together, have bonfires and entertain our kids and grandkids out here, and love to travel when we aren't working. I still cook (retired chef) and am inspired by food! and all cultures. I am passionate about politics and culture, love news programs like NPR and VICE, and enjoy the natural world immensely. I would love to read about cooking with weed, growing it and learning about it too. Life is great! especially with weed!! Viva la marijuana! Legalize!
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