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  1. I'm new to GC and to medical MJ. I have severe anxiety and depression and recently obtained my MMJ card after consulting with my therapist of using alternate medicines. I have started with tinctures 1:1 and 20:1 so that I can start and see what works for me. I am always accepting of any suggestions.

  2. Not really a suggestion but more of a precaution. I started smoking weed to heal my anxiety... but ended up making is worse haha how bout that!
    My first time getting really high my mind went to places that I wish it never had gone to. Such as making a personal theory that I am in some sort of dream and one day I will wake up, meaning that everything I do is completely useless. Fuck. This was known as depersonalization. Still suffer from the anxiety today but am able to control it better. I wish this experience upon no one no matter the situation.
    I realized the only way to control my anxiety whilst smoking was to grow my own weed! This would eliminate any anxiety that I had while the cannabis rushed through my veins. I go into smoking my weed with an attitude of telling myself "Don't let your own creation destroy you" which helps, as crazy as it sounds.
    Now i'm not trying to discourage anybody from using this powerful medicine. Just make sure you don't use it to "escape" personal problems. Its probably just that I'm one of those people that thinks way to deeply to a point that it is scary enough to trigger DP.

    Fuck man, sorry about that. Just need to share one of the worst experiences of my life to someone and warn people about what happened to me. Do what suits you my man!!

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