Hello wisconsin!

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  1. Hey guys! I've been searching the forums on here for a while and today i finally decided to join this stoner haven! Now i have a question for you all. Where do you go to smoke outside of your house? I go to a park near where i live a few streets down and thats like my stoner home away from home. Where do you all go?:smoke:
  2. Boo wisconsin. If its windy in my truck. If theres no wind then I go on the porch, the deck, trampoline, anywhere, etc.
  3. Boo Wisconsin?!?!?! It's AWESOME here. where do you live?

  4. Minnesota. Pretty close to the border. Used to go to school in Wisconsin. How can you live in that state? Its so boring
  5. Well.... Marijuana.
  6. Same story for me, hopefully I'll fit in the forums just nicely. And I'm from Tennessee, where I smoke a bowl right on my front porch!
    okay so it's not that exciting here...
    i smoke in my bathroom... i've filled the walls with weird stuff, and i have friends who smoke with me write stuff on the walls, it's pretty awesome, and cozy... AND I HAVE A TOILET IN THERE, for emergencies?

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