hello to all my fellow stoners.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by just a stoner., Jul 24, 2002.

  1. hey......

    long story short. my name is sharlet. i'm 18. i live in bc canada. i love pot and i noe u do too. i am new to this so b nice i just wanna have fun.


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  2. Welcome to the city. enjoy your stay!
  3. LOVE THAT CAT......
  4. lemme guess

    the cats moht is open

    or his teeth are showing?

    lemm know if i am right
  5. i don't understand the question tee hee hee ohhh jeez reply back and explain plz
  6. well here is the most updated picture of me lol i just got back from the local pot smoking park i'm pretty baked!!!! lol

    she's got skillZ

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  7. Nice to have a face with the name.
  8. i love that lol jeez
  9. Now that the type of woman I need. LOL

    Thanks critter for giving me the picture of the perfect woman!!!LMAO
  10. ne one in the community live in vancouver bc??
  11. lol nice one critter :)

    and just a stoner. welcome to the 'city! i live in northern cali, but i'm sure there HAS to be some BC kids out there...
  12. yeah vancouver right here.. welcome to the city!

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