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  1. I'm Dimitri.
    My passion is making videos and, thankfully, people seem to like them.
    I've really only just entered the world of cannabis a couple of years ago, I never got into it in middle school or high school like most people, regrettably. I'm still widely unfamiliar with cannabis terminology, strains and whatnot. I still need to educate myself on that, so why not start here and meet some new folks while I'm at it?
  2. Hi Dimitri
    Welcome to GC
    No worries about terminology Dimitri we're all too stoned to bother :passing-joint:but we manage to be , in my personal opinion , one of the best sites out there & folks are more than happy to help others out in their times of need giving first class knowledge on all sorts.

    Glad you have made the choice to join us & I'm sure I speak for all by saying you're very welcome & enjoy a beautiful education in the world of the ganja grower.:weed: Before too long my friend the terminologies will be flowing from your mouth

    Peace & Grow On:love-mj2:
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  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, mate. :)

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