hello my fellow pot smokers... its the dreaded urine test and i NEED advice

Discussion in 'General' started by prettiestGREEN, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Basically I just got a job and I need to get drug tested. IDK when yet but we are setting all that up tomorrow. I am a heavy user now... smoke at least once a day... and basically
    WTF AM I GOING TO DO!!:confused:
    i know everyone says to drink water or sweat it out and etc...
    im a petite girl and i only weigh about 110 lbs ... so i guess what i am asking is how long would you estimate (guesstimate lol ) that it would take to be out of my system.

    thank you in advance
  2. A lot longer than the day they're gonna test you, you'll likely get tested on the spot or within a day or 2. Best bet is to get a detox thing to pass it. "The Stuff" tablet always worked for me, you gotta be clean for 2 days before the test for it to work though
  3. drink water like a fat guy eats mcdonalds

    sorry couldnt think if a good analogy
  4. I don't know if jobs stare at you while you piss but if not, get a friends piss.

    If they do, I say drink as much water and sweat as much as possible, then before the test, delute your pee, but not to the point where it's completely clear. A light yellow should be fine.

    Worked 3 times for me in court.
  5. Where do you buy "the stuff"
  6. Don't smoke and drink nothing but water beforehand. Take niacin. And the day before load up on as much water as possible and take a few multi b-vitamins to make your pee yellow so that it is testable.
  7. I got it at a store that's like a pseudo-head shop. They used to sell bongs and stuff until Operation Pipedreams busted em, now they just sell random clothes n shit. Somewhere like that will have something though, the stuff has a money back garuntee and it's only 30$

    Here, it's even cheaper online

  8. Get fake or clean piss, quick. If not you're screwed. You have no time to detox, sorry.
  9. Tell them you're going on vacation and you'll resume the employment process when you get back. Make sure the "vacation" is 2.5 weeks or longer.

    You can always say your boyfriend suprised you with a vacation.

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