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  1. Just picked this up today :D
    This will be my second experience with LSD. My first time my friend and I each took 1 hit and nothing happened so I'm taking both of these this time. I got it from the same person but it's different blotter. I have things to do tomorrow so I can't take it until Thursday.


    Oh && can anyone tell me if that's Albert Hoffman? Because that kinda looks like Albert Einstein to me...
  2. It looks like Eistein to me too.
    Happy tripping.
  3. einstein? tech nine.
  4. How should I store this until Thursday?
  5. Plastic bag or air-tight container placed well in the dark is fine.
  6. how do you take aid.I know you drop it but WTF does that mean.and what is a blotter.is it a liquid
  7. Einstein for sure. hoffman looks totally different
  8. Yeah, that is deffinately not hoffman.
    But grats on the einstein blotter.

  9. You take acid by just throwing it into your mouth, it is absorbed straight into your bloodstream. Blotter is basically just paper dipped in Acid.
  10. Took both of these about an hour ago and smoked a bowl about 20 minutes ago. I'm not sure if I'm feeling the acid and weed or just the weed!
    But we'll see what happens. I'll keep this updated
  11. ^ happy trippin dude
    at first i thought it was george washington but after a 2nd look, its definitely Einstein
  12. So uhm...Nothing happened. :(
  13. dont buy from that guy again
  14. How much did you take?
  15. i don't see why you would go back to that guy after he ripped you off the first time, now this is twice....
  16. Well, if you find out it's real, get off the computer please, go outside.
  17. Hello mudduh. Hello fadduh.
    Freeing your mind, eh?
    Should've taken the red pill.

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