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  1. Hey guys, I'm hoping to learn more about cannabis. I started smoking it about 6 months ago and fell in love. 
    I'm also hoping to start my own grow soon, so I can try my hand at growing some high quality bud. But I need to plan way more since it is highly illegal where I live. 
    Anyways feel free to add me! 

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    How was you gonna start ur grow. What with. Lights, soil, hydro ?

  3. Welcome! :hello:   Lots of info here, learn away!
  4. Yay!

    Welcome to the city! You'll enjoy it here, just avoid the trolls and assholes and you'll be good.

    The ganja is also highly illegal where I live too...

    It sucks doesn't it?

  5. I'm planning on a soil grow with like 4 plants, 1 400w HPS light, Fox Farms soil, FF nutrients, and Cha-Ching fertilizer.
  6. welcome to the forums. I'm new to this website soon.
  7. Welcome. I'm sorta the forum asshole, so you don't want to cross me. There are plenty of friendly people here that can help out with your grow and just chat!


    Omega369 :wave:
  8. hi i'm new as well and could use some tips and advice. 3 wks into my 3rd grow. but my first indoor. I have yet to yield anything over 20 gr. per plant dry weight outdoors. so im hoping my homemade grow box will help with that substantially. im running a 2 ft. wide x 2 ft. deep x 4 1/2 ft tall box. 400w hps/mh. fans/mylar/happyfrog soil/jacks classic blossom booster-and JC veg nutes. 5 gal. bucket. and one three week old Seedsman seeds co. white widow fem. so my current qustion is; what would be in my best interest for MAX yield (wanna have a nice summer lol).. Scrog/lst/fim/top?? or just let it do its own thing? any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I really don't have any experience with growing, as I said I'm currently planning my first one. You might ask in the Absolute Beginners section, there are many people here with a lot of growing experience that could help you.

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  10. Welcome to the city :)
  11. You should really think about whether or not you truly want to grow. It's a felony charge, they'd put you away for years if you got found out. I've looked into doing it many times in my three years of toking, but unless you have an empty room/closet that you can permanently modify for growing purposes and you live on a property where NO ONE can come anywhere near your place, the risks out weigh the gains in my book. I live in a totally chilax place, and I've done some felonies of my own regarding various drugs, but I'm not willing to grow pot in my place. My roomy wouldn't care, but it's simply not practical.
  12. I've thought about it for about a year. I do have a completely separate room for it, the only thing is that I live in an apartment and I was afraid that maintenance or a manager could come in one day and bust me. But according to the lease they must give at least 48 hrs notice before actually coming in. I've lived here for a year and no one bothers me or has ever even gone into the room I plan on putting my grow in. I have gotten to the point where I know exactly what I'm going to buy, and how much this initial setup will cost me. I've never had any run ins with the law besides a couple parking tickets my whole life, and let's just say no one would expect me to try this kind of thing.
    I was also thinking that I could just find a supplier and sell that way, without growing. But several small transactions like that is risky.
    Wait, you've been smoking for 6 months but have thought of growing for a year?
    I'd stick to not growing, honestly. I'm not trying to be an asshole but growing in an apartment, at a state where it is "highly illegal"?  :hide:
  14. Yeah, I hadn't always smoked because I thought I would just grow and not actually smoke at all but that changed pretty fast lol.

    I live in Texas, I have to do more research but I think if it is your first offense of a non violent crime, they are required to give probation. But I gotta read up more on that. Or talk to a lawyer. Texas is under tremendous pressure to legalize. It's insane.

    I might just wait until I have a house somewhere so that it is totally private.
  15. If you are at all worried about your landlord coming in, i'd advise against it. I've been here for 4 years, and my landlord never comes in my house, so no worries. And I only started growing a year ago.

    Other than that, just keep it small and don't tell anyone and you'll be in the clear;)

    Anyone but us:D
  16. You're high outta your mind. I live in Texas as well, and it is NOT under "tremendous pressure" to legalize. Texas will be the LAST state to legalize it, IF it EVER even happens. And you want to start selling when you just started to smoke? In Texas? Good luck.

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