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  1. Just feeling like sharing my setup and gathering any advice I can. First let's start with my materials.

    Grow Space: 57Hx22Wx14D cabinet lined with mylar
    Lighting: 6x26w CFL bulbs 3@6500K 3@2700K
    Ventilation: 1x50CFM computer fan (exhaust)
    System: DWC 5Gallon tub, 50gallon air pump w/2 5in. airstones
    Nutrients: GH micro and Bloom (lucas formula)

    These plants are 4 weeks old. I kept them at half strength nutrients until today. They are approximately 2.5 inches tall and slightly burned due to one of my cfls falling on them while I was at work. I plan to let them get to about 6 inches before I start to flower them, and switch to 6-8 of the 42w 2700k CFLS. How much of a problem with space do you think I'm going to have? Perhaps find the best way to make them grow as vertical as possible without getting ridiculous inter-node length? I have the cfls at approximately 1.5-2 inches. Also the temps with the lights on is generally 100degrees, with roughly 30%RH.

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  2. Your grow is super hot

    50 cfm's isn't enough air movement.... you need a minimum of 57... does not sound like much but it is

    Do you have a carbon scrubber?????? If you do you need to double the 57CFM...=114 CFM RATED FAN

    just add another computer fan in there.... and another scrubber and your temps should drop

    Other than that your lookin good!!! more pics...

  3. Thanks! Yeah I know I need more I plan on getting 2-3 80cfm axial fans for exhaust. And no I have no carbon scrubbers yet... I might need to go a different route for odor control. Perhaps ona gel? I was worried about the temperature at first but the girls don't seem to mind. Except for the ones turning purple. They are smaller I'm assuming this is from the steep temp swing at lights out.100-75ish. Also I have no ph testing equipment. my meter broke. So they have been getting filtered tap. I'm surprised they haven't been showing severe problems. But again, should I just lollipop them? From my understanding this means trimming all excess branches. What do you guys think?
  4. Alright I'm back with a couple more pictures. I got a PH meter today, I tested my res and it was actually right about where it needed to be. 6.1. I dropped it down to 5.8-5.9. I also raised my lights to about 5 inches. Still no extra ventilation but raising the lights dropped the temps down to around 95 F.

    So, I'm wondering how all these plants are going to fit in here. I was thinking I could chop all the extra branches and go for 1 main cola per plant. Does this make the main cola bigger? Than it would be if I were to do no branch cutting? Or maybe another suggestion that I might be missing. I have seen the extreme defoliation threads, I don't think my plants would like that very much, and it seems more suitable for a ScrOG.

    These are a little over 3 weeks into veg, I know i said 4 weeks in my original post. but a week of that was before I put them into the res.

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