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  1. im around 4 weeks from sprouting, 6 sets of leaves not very big and around 4-5 inches tall, i am vegging and flowering under hps lights, this was a mistake and lack of research which i plan to fix with a mh light for veg after this grow. I do know alot of people who do the whole cycle under hps and have success, considering my mistake are my plants on track?
    they was on root stim for week 2-3 and on a+b week 4 all products dutch pro using canna soil temp and ph is always correct, any advice and opinions would be appreciated :) thanks GC
  2. 13 cm pots at the moment drilled small holes in them too, some roots coming out of the bottom but i dont want to up size yet and disturb foliage
  3. Hi love. No pics have uploaded? I do full cycle wi 600 hps dual spectrum sunmaster bulb. I change new bulb every cycle too. If doing from seeds i do raise under t5 for approx 3week though but clones if strong then straight under hps( domed or high light). For four week they do seem slow but ya sed good long roots... ya plant as proberly concentrated on roots before growing leafs thats all. This is a gud thing love as its sso importmant to have good roots.. without bottom of plant(roots) then top half(yr leafs etc) wood be rubish .. i wood not worry yet as now roots down leafs shud grow. Have ya got a good bulb in ya hps? Is it warm etc as liw temps slow groowth too. Dutch pro int my favour but house and garden a and b still hard to get. Hope this helps x
  4. Ps. Dont repot until ya plant twice as wide as ya pot as ya just making plant concentrate on filling a bigger pot again... because ya started in big pot for a seed its prob why leafs taking so long to grow. Like i say plant will grow roots to fill pot before grows leafs lv xxx happy growing xxx
  5. If the plants stacking up nodes really tight and not stretching enough move your light up a little.
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