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  1. Hello GC its been awhile. this will be my 9th season growing and this year will be outside in a small planter box here in the southbay 5 minutes south of LAX.

    my strains are Swiss cheese , wonder woman , some random mix the seed company gave me, and from my other grows some bubbleious that hermed on me(got about a three hundred seeds that year).

    my biggest concerns are the caterpillars, i really don't want to use poisons, so my solution is mosquito netting. my grow space is only 2" x 5".and last year i got almost 3 lbs and the bugs got about a third of it. but the year before that the little buggers got about half of it.

    so harbor freight has this twin garage door bug netting that i'm going to try. thinking a simple A frame type of structure should work. So that's the skinny. look for my grow journal.
    see ya

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