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    Hi Everyone!

    I've been lurking for a few months and learning tons - thanks all for your input on the other forums. This is such a great informative site and feel lucky to have found it.

    My interests are (not necessarily in this Order!):

    • Vermiculture (worm composting for harvesting worm castings. I have a 4' X 8' flow through worm bin with about a cubic yard of material in it. I harvest about a 5 gal bucket every 3-5 days.
    • fishing for salmon, steelhead and albacore that are local to Oregon
    • Predator hunting. I need to go after a coyote this weekend that has been killing an acquaintances baby sheep.
    • Camping, skiing, smoking the fish I catch in my smoker, drinking good micro brews, etc.
    • looking forward to making some "bokashi" based on some posts by LumperDawgs

    See ya!

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  2. Sounds like you love animals, plants (even at least one weed), :p.

    Great to see someone who enjoys the outdoors!
  3. Blunt, the PAC NW is a great place if you like the outdoors, if you can put up with the rainy months from Oct - June. Fishing for albacore tuna on the ocean is amazing, and when that's not happening there's salmon and steelhead to be had.

  4. Why hello. I just moved to PDX last month. Love the NW!

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