Hello from South Texas!

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  1. Hey hey my fellow tokers, greetings from South Texas. I'm 29 a paramedic and I enjoy the finer things in life. I feel like I'm on a dating website lol:D
  2. whats up, im from south texas too !
  3. Sweeeeeet where abouts in S Texas are ya from?:wave:
  4. College station here. What about you man? And paramedic? Ballin!
  5. I am also from Texas! :wave:
  6. Countdown city!
  7. so what's everyone doing?
  8. Wishing I had bud
  9. Just got off work and about to take a much needed nap lol, its wet and rainy here today. Blaaah, anybody Texans fans? We are gonna have our hands full with the Patriots on Sun. :eek:
  10. texans all the way!
  11. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    Since you are in a medical field, you may find it interesting to click that first link in my sig for the small version of what I do! To get the latest edition of my List, you have to send me an email (bottom of my sig)!

    Have fun at GC!

    Granny :wave:
  12. Whats up from North Houston!
  13. What's up from North....Ontario...Canada... I just have a question for you guys, is pot like heavily badmouthed there? Like not accepted very well, all I here about to do with you Texans is that "the south is racist" or "jesus freaks" and from the show Reba, but I don't really know what its like to be from Texas, or south u.s in general, so whats it like? :)
  14. I dont hardly ever hear anyone bad mouthing pot where i live anyways. You definitely have your Jesus freaks but not nearly as many as you think. As far as racism goes it really depends where in Texas you are. For instance stay away from jasper Texas if your a minority. But we do ride horses to work.
  15. horses to work ? ive lived in texas my hole life and hadnt seen that except for cops in austin
  16. Iys a joke, man. I was always asked when i was a kid if we rode horses to work...
  17. what it doooo I'm from houstoneddddddddd
  18. Well the laws here in Texas are stricter than they are in Canada. The media has made Texas out to be cowboy horseback riding to work bunch of rednecks lol. The majority of us are not that way. Our Capital Austin is considered one of the most hippiest ( I think that's a word) towns in the U.S You do have your share of Jesus freaks, though I try to stay away from them.
  19. Hi Windsoar! I'm from North Houston.Helllloooooo

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