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  1. High all, i'm Dr Bongweed. I love cannabis and hitting bongs! I'm usually on cannabischat if you want to smoke with me. So yeah, hey everyone!

  2. Sup, welcome to grasscity!

    My mom's Scotish. She's from Greenock.
  3. I'm not from Scotland, but I'm gettin my money right to come and live there for 3 months. So i could use some friends, ppls to hang wit once i make my trip...so i'm hopin to get to make me some Scottish friends
  4. welcome mate.

    if theres anythign scotland needs more than anything else in this world, it's that the scottish people smoke weed and chill the fuck out.
  5. awrite buddy welcome from fife
  6. Thanks man, i'm think my first stop once I get there cause I may backpack pending on how i feel is Edinburgh, then Aberdeen, then anywhere else I can lounge at and smoke pot at. Also, I once heard that my last name is Scottish--to which I don't find hard to believe but, it motivates me to check out if there is any Scott in my fam considering well...I'm black, and my family is black...so It's my entire reason for setting out despite knowing that there's a big chance I'll find nothin'

  7. I'd be careful out ther bro. The scots invented racism.
  8. Pfft, I live in racism ain't nothin for me to hear an N word here or there or whatever they used to for attackin blacks verbally lol. It's all good to me. Racism ain't shit but words...and at times funny words. but thanks for the heads up man

  9. dude, i doubt you will ever hear the N word in scotland, i have barely heard anyone say it in my fuckin life and i have lived in scotland my whole life.

    scots are NOT racist. a lot are sectarian, its more a catholic/protestant thing, NOT racism.

  10. ah that's cool then. I'm currently saving up money now. I'm just hoping by like december I can head out that way. Maybe live out there for a few.
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    yeh good luck, im also looking for a new experience like that.

    if your wondering where to go, well Edinburgh is the 'Cultured' City, AKA full of american and japanese tourists looking at the castles, ancient city etc, Glasgow is a little rough around the edges but you HAVE to go there, you wont meet people like it again, like everyone is like Billy Connolly everyone has there own stories to tell, you wont forget that place, and if your backpacking then hit up the ragged hills in the highlands man!

    oh and if your going to aberdeen, beware, they..urm... 'tamper' with sheep up there.

    but yeah have fun.
  12. As much as it pains me to agree with a fanny , he's right.Im from Scotland and live in Phillie now , i never heard the N word or any other used anywhere there.He is also right its bigotry and not racism Scots are noted for , the protestant / Catholic divide which is mostly blown out of proportion.Plenty of my mates are Tims and vice versa.

  13. Phillie, as in Philadelphia? Cause that's where I live. Always lookin to hang wit scottish ppl...unfortunately for me...making new friends that blow tree is kinda hard.

  14. Aye , Philadelphia , im in the same boat mate , i didnt know anyone here at all.Ill hit ya up on PM with an email addy.Ooops , i cant , wont let me.
  15. honestly, I had no idea. I thought about Edinburgh tho' I won't front. Then Glasgow maybe. Honestly, I was probably gonna tour the entire scotland and try to find a place to call home. I'm only 22 sooo trying to just find a place that's fun and easy to get around in. I mean I grew up in philly so naturally thugs and hoodlums at night but it be nice to find a pretty good place.

  16. It's all good. Just friend me. What part of Philly? north, south, west...the dreaded southwest?
  17. Pm sent mate , im just outside Phillie , you have my email addy there , details can be sorted , good to meet ya man.
  18. Hi there..
    im new here also..
  19. Hey, sup man. I'm not from scotland, but I'm on this thread so I'm just sayin what's up man
  20. Hey buddy, hows it goin. If your planning on coming over to Scotland for a visit, I would HIGHLY recommend it, haha no bias :D We have a country and culture like no where else on earth, some of the finest breweries, people, scenery and people you'll ever encounter. And if you look in the right places there some top notch bud too.

    Definatly check out Edinburgh and Glasgow, great bud there - just ask around. Especially ask around in the Tron bar in Edinburgh. You'll be sure to find a friendly chonger there :hello: It's just adjacent to the Royal Mile (big tourist destination) so should be fairly easy to find. Both these cities also have a lot to see and do so you should be kept pretty busy. But bare in mind, we love a good drink ;) And on a serious note, watch out for pick pocketers and just general shady folk in Glasgow. Not as much of a problem in Edinburgh but nevertheless always be on the toes, suppose thats true for any city in the world though haha.

    As for Aberdeen, am originally from there. Is more of a cold city up there, in terms of the city itself and the people, but still a really nice area in parts. Not so much good bud up there, mostly dominated by the chinese who just sell gritty, dirty, damp, sprayed weed. But in places there is some real nice cured herb. Good nightlife up there too with a few chill bars and pubs. P.S - Don't listen to the sheep jokes, we do nothing of the sort :rolleyes: haha.

    But where Scotland really comes into it's own, in my opinion, is the countryside. If you get the chance i'd recommend the West Highland Way. It's about a 7-9 day walk from the north of Glasgow to Fort William. Its a real scenic route, along the shores of Loch Lomand and through the Trossachs, up the Devil's Staircase to the foothills of the Western Highlands, past a few of the Munroes and so much more. Yea, i would recommend it haha. Also, Royal Deeside which is west of Aberdeen has some idillac scenery. Ballatar is out that way and is the Queen's residence in the summer, but is also a tourist hub due to that, so watch out in the summer months if you visit :p

    As for racism, I've never really seen it as much of a problem. My father is black and he has never really recieved much bother. just the odd things here and there but nothing he cant deal with. So don't let that hold you back, and if there is a problem, more often than not the majority of the people will definatly be on your side and like stated above its more bigotry (catholic/protestent) than racism in itself.

    So if your heading over, let us know and I'd be more than happy to help you out a bit. Good luck to you man, hope everything works out well. Take care :smoking:

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