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  1. Hi, my name is Scott and I am so happy to have found this site. I have been using pot for over 30 years now , more like 36 years. I have seen the best, smoked the best and can say that today we have more than the best available. I love the new strains today with all the different flavors...yum yum.
    Why I have used for so long and to why is because of what it does for me . I can say that I have been self medicating for a long time. I believe for clarity more than anything. But you will not find to much research into the mental illness that medicating with marijuana helps. As all medications, how it helps me may do just the opposite to someone else. But none the less the only paranoid episodes I have ever had and experienced is from my local law enforcement.
    The people in Michigan went out of their way to prove to our officials and legislation that the thoughts and practices of mid evil thinking were over and we wanted the right to have a choice on our own healthcare. We won!
    But still today we have doctors that will not condone the usage of a different drug other than the pills they believe to be the right drug to use to medicate with. I know people who are on a pain medication program that is monitored by the government and the patients have to take a drug test to make sure the patient does not use anything else other than the drugs prescribed by the doctor. The sad thing is even though the doctor knows what is true, he himself can not change his practice because of laws he has to follow.
    Well that is my introduction and I hope to contribute to the community of like minded people.
    Scott Kelley

    I am a grower and my own care giver!
  2. welcome to the ciy my friend...
    another michigander here, caregiver and patient also...
    I think you will like it here..:gc_rocks:
  3. Thanks brother. DO you think that our farmers should be able to grow hemp for the fiber and oils? Like the old old days?
  4. Got it. I removed my blog link. So if anyone wants to get to know me better just pump my name into the box and you should find me. At least I can use track back link which is fair enough.
  5. Thanks for understanding man...:D

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