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  1. So long story made short.....I found that herb is THE key that has helped me when five neurologists and fifteen prescriptions could not. I've been slowly using herb and replacing prescriptions over the last sixteen months. Now I'd like to grow my own. Wow. I'm overwhelmed by the choices in lights, medium, nutes, and all things grow. I know I'll make mistakes and fail but I'm going to do it. I'm looking for advice and I'll thank you in advance. Thanks for allowing me to post. Peace.
  2. Welcome to the forum lot of great info and knowledgeable folks around here. Good luck with your growing.
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  3. Welcome in.
    Start in soil as it's the most forgiving for newbees. Read as many threads as you can stand to. Sleep on it and read a bunch more the next day and the next and...
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  4. ......soooooo, you're saying there's a chance!!!! What is encouraging is there are thousands of successful grows happening right now with hundreds of methods. My literal closet space is about 4' deep and 30" wide. I'm leaning towards auto flowers and two 600 watt LEDs. I'm seeing these white lights.....TS1000, etc. Is this the better option? And thank you kind soul for the welcome.
  5. Autos vs photos. Both have their plusses and minuses. I do photoperiods as they work best for the style I grow.
    Lights are just to many to track. Can't give advice on them. I run old school T5 high outputs as they fit my space and I only veg under lights. Flower is done outside.

  6. Wished I could do outside but in the area I live it's hot and humid......I sweat thinking about it. Yeah...too many options. I would build a light but ...I'm just starting out. Add light construction to the list.
  7. Make or buy a SIP container and get a little taste of hydro and soil. Welcome to the forum. :rave-girl:
  8. Thank you.....learning quite a bit!

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